Home Inspection

Since I moved, Simba has been sequestered. He had throughly checked out the inside of the house by every inch. But low and behold, he is now allowed outside. His first day outside, he only stayed out for about an hour. Baby steps Simba, good idea.

But then day two came about.

This day, he disappeared without a trace and did not return for hours. Dark came and still, no Simba.

I was starting to worry at sunset and called and called his name. But no Simba. He had things to do I suppose. I mean it is a new neighborhood to investigate after all.

Thankfully, Simba did return home and without injuries. Phew!

So in honor of Simba adjusting to a new neighborhood and house, I thought I would share a few pictures from his first day out and some of his fun around the house.

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May your Saturday be full of adventures too. Laid back adventure or all out fun? It’s your day, so it’s your choice. Either way, I hope enjoy it. Happy Weekly Pet Share!



Bridge to Freedom

It was done. He’d never hurt her again.

The only problem was disposing of him-a gruesome but necessary task. One that would require several walks along the bridge.

She could’ve easily gotten help. The neighborhood remembered him well, hated him too. But, she told no one as it was her cross to bear, and needed no witnesses.

Funny how there was a code of honor among dealers, prostitutes and thieves, she thought.

There was a big difference between their crimes and his though. To them, he was an evil soul.

To her, he was dad…now, he’s just fish food.


For Friday Fictioneers.

Part 3 of an unfolding mini series.

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Finding You, Finding Life

Your voice fills my mind

Saturating me with craved images of you, I dream

Dream that a lost love found me, at last, in you


Your company stuns my body

Dazing me with the fluidity of your presence, I stare

Stare at the gift God has given me, how do I keep you here


Your kiss mesmerizes my thoughts

Freezing me like a lioness with belladonna in her eyes

My eyes that only see you as the world disappears


Your touch fills my soul

Flooding me like a lone streetlight amongst the darkness

The darkness that had become my heart, now fades


Your love completes my life

Filling my heart with passion and purpose, I live

Live to be better and make you smile, we are one



For d’Verse’s ~ Poetics Line em Up.

A challenge where you take at least three lines of their poem to make yours.