Change Comes Each Day


January is about hope and change for many people. I am no different. Who doesn’t look forward to a fresh start from time to time?

However, I had no time to start new things in January. Instead, I had to finish up some old tasks. I am no longer a commander in the Army Reserve, but once again a public affairs officer. But before that could happen I had to complete a majority of my pending issues. My huge 824-page project at my civilian editor job had to be completed, and I am now ready for a new assignment. My crazy hectic travel schedule between the two jobs is now over as well. (At least for a while anyway as my new Reserve position will require some occasional travel.) Though eating out was fun during that here-and-there living, I am looking forward to some time at home. I am excited about getting into a new routine and eating healthy again. I look forward to organizing my office/exercise room that still remains in boxes since moving to my new house. I am looking forward to some order in my days, some calm.

It is like February is my January. It is my time to start fresh, reorganize, unpack and create a new routine. So as I wrap up this January day, I think – Happy New Year. Anything is possible as long as I take it one step at a time.


Do you have any new routines you are starting to make?


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Finding Wonder

We don’t get a lot of snow in Georgia. In fact, it is quite rare in the southern part I live in. However, I grew up in the North, in Michigan and Ohio to be specific. I remember snow and ice, and sometimes, I even miss it. Of course, after a week or two of snow driving, I am sure I would get over it.

Anyway, since I don’t see it often, it tends to still hold a bit of mystery for me. Last week, while I was on military duty, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful little details on the windshield of my rental car. And when combined with the lights from outside, the view appeared to be an abstract painting. The only problem was that my camera phone was have great difficulty in figuring out where to focus.

Maybe I need to start carrying around my DSL camera for these spontaneous events of wonder?

Either way, here are some of the enhanced iPhone shots I really liked. Now, if it would only snow instead of just frost…


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The King’s Dance

Today was a day to celebrate life, and Sampson would ensure that would happen-even if it killed him.

He looked down at his sleek dapple-grey coat. It had a warm glow to it that made his muscles shimmer in the light. His hooves were polished and possibly the shiniest he had ever seen. His mane, a mix of black and grey and white, fluttered in the breeze. He looked like the king he was, which made him hold his head higher. His pets had done good work. Humans were a nuisance to own at times, but they had their uses, like helping him display out his best features. He looked noble and powerful. And he had to admit, he kind of envied his pets’ interesting paws at times like this. They could accomplish some incredible assignments so he had to give them come credit. However, there were times when these pets got on his nerves. Often, they seemed to forget who was really in charge. Today they would be reminded though.

Today was special. It was the Celebration of Life Festival and Race. The race, which Sampson would win, just like he did the past four years, not only secured another year as king, but it was a grand festival for his herd. They would all look their finest, with the help of their loyal human pets. Their favorite pet was honored to accompany them into the dance arena. Each noble horse would perform an elegant and powerful routine. Each step had meaning and history. Each move had a graceful flow. The dance even required their pets to be in sync as well. This displayed the herd’s power and rule. Of course, this took months of regular training since humans were a stubborn breed. And with some pets, the training could be quite grueling. Nonetheless, it was a great honor to perform the historical dances in front of the crowds.

After the dancing part of the festival, was the main event-the Celebration of Life Race. The race displayed power and agility. Each prince and princess from the provinces competed in the timed event. The goal was to run cross-country at the fastest speed. To add more spark to the race though, it included more than just quickness. Any horse could run. However, a noble horse needed more of a challenge. It was in their blood. Their race required running across the countryside and jumping a variety of obstacles, all while maintaining a pet on their back. So it was speed and power and grace and balance all in one. It was no easy task indeed, but it reflected the challenges in life and the herd’s move to power.

The history of the race dated back to ancient days when horses were wild. They called them the dark days. No one wanted to go back to those days where the herd was chased and hunted. And in between that, there was the constant fear of starvation. Those stressful days were hard on the herd and no one missed them.

But now, things were different. Sampson ruled and the horses were free. Not one horse in his herd went hungry. They were living blissfully in plush pastures. They all had servant pets to groom them and wait on them. They wore the finest in tack. They were at the height of their fitness and power. Life truly was something to celebrate indeed.

With that thought, Sampson nudged his pet to stop grooming him and pushed his way towards the arena. He snorted and stomped the ground to call his herd to attention. The time had come, Sampson was ready to start the festival. His pet quickly took the hint and took its place on Sampson’s back. Now, it was time to show his herd just how a king danced.


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Change Starts With You


I have a pet peeve and it is people who never take responsibility for themselves. They are always the victim. They are always free of any wrong doing. They are always being picked on. They are always perfect. The funny thing is, no matter where they go or whoever they are around, they have the same problems. The world is clearly out to get them though.

This makes me want to scream! Not once do these people ever seem to look in the mirror and say, hhhhmmm, maybe I should do this or that. Nope. They just point fingers. It must be everyone else’s fault.

I have known people who had shitty things done to them: harassment on the job, sexual assault from a loved one or horrifying events from war. I am talking about huge life events that can change a person from the inside. Yet, these people didn’t let these experiences define them. They didn’t use them as their crutch or their excuse (though it may have very well been justified). No, they knew the situation sucked and that they could not change it. All they could do was work on themselves. They worked hard on moving on, getting help or removing themselves from the situation. They did what they could do and that was to let go of the past and improve their future.

So when I hear people in the world go on and on about how they cannot be held responsible for what they did because of this or that, I want to lose my mind. It is not the president’s fault you hit someone. The government did not cause you to get a genetic disorder. Your mother’s lack of discipline does not mean you are free to break the laws because you never knew right from wrong. The horrific sexual abuse you endured as a child does not make it acceptable for you to abuse other children. The fact that your boss follows up with you on assigned tasks is not harassment-it’s called followthrough and work. The fact that you grew up in poverty does not give you the right to steal. Your PTSD or religious rage does not give you the freedom to attack people…

I know that is a range of topics there, but it seems there is a growing issue with finger pointing. I am not making light of the issues that can effect people. Some of them are very real and can be very debilitating. I can sympathize with people who are struggling. However, I am talking about those people who abuse the systems in place that are meant to help those who really need it. I am talking about those people who cling to an issue and let it define them and use it as their excuse for every little thing in their life. I am talking about those people who never take any responsibility for their own life.

They are the eternal victim and play that card every chance they get. And don’t put words in my mouth, this is not about one type, sex, race, religion, culture, or age. It is about EVERY person across the world who refuses to take action in their own life. It is about EVERY person who cannot admit they did something wrong. It is about EVERY person who plays into the politically correct culture to use services and benefits they honestly don’t deserve. It about EVERY person who is perfectly capable of moving past their challenges to improve their life, but decides that is too hard and it is just easier to blame the world and expect the world to bow at their feet and serve them.

Like the Jim Rohn quote about says, “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Amen Mr. Rohn! Amen! Now just imagine what the world would look like if EVERYONE took responsiblity for themselves and actually tried to help others….

Sadly, I don’t even know if that is possible .