Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ~ Bare Feet or Shoes

I never realized how much I photographed feet and shoes until I looked into my files. Go figure. I thought for sure, I’d need to skip this challenge or squeeze in some camera time. But alas, my current deluge of photos on my computer filled the void again.

The photographs above were fun shots, just playing around with a camera at a variety of events: hanging out at the horse barn, chilling on a kayak, playing with my phone fish-eye app while walking along a pier, relaxing with my sister’s puppy, spying on my napping dog, enjoying the limo after bar hopping and finally, just another day in boots. My life is full a variety and therefore, so are pictures of me living it. 🙂

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Dear Friend, Don’t be Sad

You look so sad, and I wonder why?
Life is not bad, which is not a lie.

Stop feeling alone. You do have friends.
You just need to let your poor heart mend.

There’s someone out there looking for you.
And when you meet him, all will be new.

Meanwhile, live your life, making it grand.
Find your spirit and learn where you stand.

See the world, taking in all the art.
Being happy with you, is the start.

Find what you love and think of as dear.
Living with passion is nothing to fear.

You don’t need someone to make you whole.
All this sadness is killing your soul.

So go out and live. Wear that damn gown.
See things. Do things. Go out around town.

I tell you this, I gave good advice.
You’re not listening, won’t hear it twice.

Maybe later, you’ll be more secure.
Let down your guard, finding a cure.

I will keep trying, telling you: fight.
Maybe you’ll listen and see the light.

Look in the mirror! What do you see?
But there’s no answer, cuz it’s just me.

Simba’s Serious Look

My cat Simba is very lucky. He was born in Ohio and on the path of becoming a barn cat. Not a bad life, but definitely not the life of luxury he has now in Georgia. So, instead of long, cold winters of hunting in the north, he gets to lounge around a house and yard in the south.

Yet, when you look at his dramatic picture, you would think he was abused and neglected. Perhaps I should hire him out for those commercials?


I know he is not showing his tummy here, but I could not resist submitting this for Tummy Rub Tuesday at Katzenworld! Plus, I need to start marketing him for commercials, don’t I? A talent for such expression should not be wasted!

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A Navy Pier Sunset ~ A Must See

In 2013, I had to travel to Chicago for the military. Fortunately, I had a few hours off and was able to check out the Navy Pier. If you ever get the chance to go there, I highly recommend it. There was a variety of shops and tourist attractions. The thing I enjoyed the most though was the ferry ride to see the city from the water. When I went, it was sunset, and the view was spectacular. Below are a couple of pictures I snapped. They were also perfect for this week’s iPhone Challenge of travel.

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These pictures were taken with my iPhone5 and edited with Photoshop.

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