Glory of the moment

On Thanksgiving, I went canoeing in Florida. And the picture above was one of the many views I saw. 

I am always amazed at the glory of our world. So when life seems scary, hectic and unsure, I return to nature and it reminds me there is beauty, and I am thankful.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

May peace come

Across the globe there is stress and strife. War, hate and intolerance continue to rage in several pockets of the world, sometimes even in our own backyards. It can be overwhelming and scary. Fear and worry are powerful and some of those hurting may need solace and hope.

In honor of the late Leonard Cohen, here are two versions of his song Hallelujah. (Though there are hundreds out there, these are my favorite so far.) And then, the man himself singing his masterpiece.

May they offer you joy and peace.