Never Again

Time heals all wounds. Not for her though. Years had passed, but she could still smell his breathe, hear his anger and feel his hate.

Time had healed nothing. In fact, time had only been lost to her. Time had only made her more afraid and allowed her captor to be freed for good behavior. The courts considered him healed, but she knew. She knew he was coming. Coming for her. He promised to return…for her.

She controlled her limited time now. He would never hurt her again. Never. She just needed the perfect place: peaceful, quiet, in the water…


For Friday Fictioneers.


Boat photo – © Jennifer Pendergast


21 thoughts on “Never Again

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    • I’m so glad it can be read different ways! It’s a great eye opener as I wrote it like she was going to her own end. So I had fun writing it, and I’m learning how an audience may perceive it a bit different. A win win for me:) thanks for the feedback!

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    • Fortunately I have not peronally known this level of abuse, but I have seen and heard enough in life to imagine it quite well. Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot. And yes, very tragic indeed. It is sad what we humans can do to one another.


    • Ooohhh, I wrote it like she was planning her own end, but, now that you mention it, I can see it could go that way to. That just may be a better option for my character. Perhaps I can carry out this story line more later!


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