Perspective on Life

If two people are involved, I have always thought there were three sides to a story. Each person has their own take on the situation, and somewhere in the middle is probably the truth. I am not suggesting that every one lies of course. What I am saying though, is that each person has their own view. Regardless of who we are, we all have a perspective on the events that unfold in our lives.

Two people can see the same scene, but they may not necessarily have the same image in their head. Their perspective can be completely different. And based on their values, moods, experiences and vantage points, they may have a completely different view than the other person looking at the same thing.

For example, take a look at the iPhone pictures below. They are all taken within just a few feet of each other. I was standing on a pier in Jamaica in May and staring at the sunset. It was breathtaking. So I walked around taking different views of the moment. None of them are a lie. None of them are wrong. They are just different.

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Of course, for this challenge (Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge ~ Editing and Processing), I enhanced the pictures a bit in Photoshop. Each of them are either saturated or desaturated in color and adjusted for brightness and contrast. The facts of the pictures are still the same, but I tweaked them. To me, editing a picture is similar to what we do to our memories. We apply our own “filters” to the scenes in our head. We use our experiences to translate the moment. And we gauge the situation with our knowledge. Once we put all those factors into the mix, our perspective on the scene could be entirely different than the person at our side.

Knowing and respecting the difference in perspectives is critical in relationships too. If you can try to visualize the scene from someone else’s perspective, their actions may just make more sense. We could appreciate another point of view. We may learn something new. Or, we might just find their stance more appealing. But even if we found none of those things, just imagine what the world could be like if we all took the time to at least view the world through the eyes of another. We just may act with more compassion and understanding.


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Blind Date Love

We met through friends, not expecting much.
Now here we are, finding it hard not to touch.

Quickly you are becoming, my friend and my rock.
It’s hard to turn away, when our eyes do lock.

We talk and laugh, bringing tears to our hearts.
For our pasts start to fade and our future starts.

We know this is crazy. Maybe a little too fast?
But all that we know, is we want it to last.

We see the chance of a life full of glee.
And we stop and think, why can’t it be me?

Do we slow? Do we pause? Do we hinder the pace?
Why would we want to, when we both love the taste?

For once in our lives, we can be who we are.
We can feel great passion and lay under the stars.

We can stay up for hours, feeling the heat of the night.
We can look into each other’s eyes, knowing its right.

For our hearts are like one, in so many ways.
I’ve known you forever, in just a matter of days.


For Happily Ever After.


Stolen Time, Forever Mine

Weary travelers, rest your heads.
Lay upon this stolen bed.

Find some peace in the night,
For your souls do feel it right.

Forever, you were meant to be.
But only now, can you see.

For there were some lessons you had to learn.
And now, the passion you hold can start to burn.

Embrace your feelings and say your prayers.
For there is a bliss beyond compare.

Seize the moment and feel the desire.
There is nothing wrong in this fire.

The flame is high and so intense
Only to make up for past nonsense.

So grab your chance, just breath it in.
I gave you each other. It is not a sin.

Your faith in me has brought you this blessing.
Tell your story. Don’t leave people guessing.

Now go embrace this chance to live.
To each other, you’re gifts I give.

For there’s no more need to be apart.
It’s time for your lives to truly start.


Inspired by the recent meeting of my soul mate.

Living My Blog Out Loud

Last fall I started blogging to silence the voices in my head. Not like split-personality, bat-shit-crazy voices. No, these voices were more like the random lines of poetry, the details of an experience, and the outlines of a plot. At times, they would flood my head, distracting me from life. So instead of missing out on what was going on around me, I decided to write, thus freeing my mind to experience things before me. It also allowed me to dabble in an old dream.

As a child, I wanted to be a writer…but then I grew up. The demands of life took over and my dream faded away. The bigger problem though, was that I was fading with my dream. I was a shell of a person, nearly devoid of passion. I survived to serve others. I was so far away from myself that I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

So when I started to write, I didn’t even care if anyone liked my posts (though that is preferable of course). I just need to write. There was no posting schedule in my head. I had no strategic marketing plan. I merely had the desire to put words on paper. Sometimes the words formed poems and other times a fictional story. Then I started posting about my feelings, my life. I started to share stories from my past.

Through this therapeutic process, I discovered the meaning behind my blog’s name, Chasing Life and Finding Dreams (which I chose partially from a TV series, Chasing Life, that I was really enjoying). I realized the name wasn’t as haphazard as I had originally thought. No, deep down, I knew that things were changing. I was embracing life more and more each day. I was trying new things. I was beginning to find me, the real me. And in the process of chasing my lost life, I discovered…I am finding my dreams.


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