Year End Wrap-Up

I just only started blogging in the fall of this year. So far, it has been very informative and entertaining. My original plan was to exercise my writing skills. Slowly, I am doing that. I haven’t really followed a schedule or plan…because I didn’t have one. I have just been writing. Sometimes I have written poems. Other times I wrote stories. I submitted photos for challenges. I just posted what I felt and when I felt it.

Somewhere along the way, I started a photo blog as well. I discovered that I was posting a lot of pictures on this blog, and figured I needed to separate the passions some to avoid overwhelming people with too many posts, and for some consistency. In some ways though, the photo blog has been a convenient distraction to writing. It is kind of like how amazingly productive I can be on a list of tasks when I am avoiding one daunting task. (Like now, I am avoiding filing a large stack of papers that I should have filed throughout the year. Instead of doing that though, I took down some Christmas decor, cleaned my kitchen cupboards, cleaned my oven, swept my deck, updated my phone, purged my computer of images, brushed down the horse, scheduled some blog posts, edited some pictures and made soup and cookies. At this rate, I should never file until my last item on my to-do list is complete!)

As the new year approaches, I reflect on what I have done. It has been sporadic and across the board, but I am happy I finally started. And frankly, I am more than surprise I have more than 100 followers already! I didn’t think more that 10 people would care what I have to say. So thank you, you are all truly gracious and wonderful people:) As a year end summary, I want to list some past posts for those of you who may not have seen them. Instead of listing my top 10 posts exactly, I want to list the top post in each for each type of writing I have made. Here they are:


Top Page

Bucket List


Top Haiku

The Power and Glory of Nature

Dec Nataure - camping stream


Top Poem

In a Perfect World Where I Don’t Live


Top iPhone Challenge

Little Wonders at Our Feet



Top Flashback Story From a Deployment

The Bosnian Man Who Opened my Eyes


Top Pet Challenge

All Stretched Out

Simba paws


Top Story of Pain

A Closet, the Man and an Epiphany


Top Photoku

Bottles and Light



Top Fiction

Saved by an Angel


For the new year, I want to try and get on a regular writing schedule. Schedules are hard for me I have to admit. I thrive on random. However, I feel like I need to set some kind of schedules to my writing to achieve my goal of doing it. (And I need to pace myself as I have been a blogging maniac. I don’t want to burn out on it, and I need to actually exercise, read and live life off of my computer.) So here is my immediate plan. Now, this may end by February 1st like some dismal New Year’s resolution, but at least I can say I tried.


Mobile Mondays are where I will post some iPhone picture(s) for Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge. I seem to always be taking some phone pictures, and those relate to my current experiences so it’s a double whammy of writing and photos.


I seem quite addicted to haikus lately, so on Tuesdays, I will post one for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge.


This will be my free day. I may post. I may not. Most likely, I will be writing posts for the rest of the week or just simply living life:)


A Throw Back Thursday of sorts as I will post some writing or poetry that is inspired by my past.


This is the ultimate challenge for me. I can easily ramble about my past or some pet peeve, but writing fiction was the original goal of my blog. And yet, I seem to avoid it. Perhaps I am scared of what I will write, what people will say or worse yet, that I have nothing to say worthy of anyone’s response. Therefore, Fridays I will force myself to write something make believe. God knows there is plenty floating around in my head!


I will call these Silly Saturdays and dedicate my posts to animals for a Pet Photo Challenge. I think I have enough animal pictures right now to schedule posts for every Saturday of 2015 too. But more importantly, these funny little animal pictures tend to have some story behind them. Whether it was some silly act that made me laugh or some life lesson attached to the moment, animals just seem to be surrounding my life. I guess they may as well have their own day then. And who does not enjoy pet pictures?


I will try to keep it simple on Sundays to give myself room to relax or catch up. Sunday’s I will post either a poem I have written or an inspiring quote from someone.

So here is to the New Year! May it bring you all wonder, passion and one step closer to your dreams.

With Love,



Post your year end wrap up here.