Here’s a Secret. You are NOT That Great.

Your lies are something quite grand.

Making you the best in all the land.

But in reality

it shows insanity.

Because you’re not all that and you don’t understand.


For Writing 201’s Day 4 Assignment:

Word prompt, imperfect.

Poetic form, limerick.

Poetic device, enjambment.

My use of imperfect in this liar limerick is more implied than used, so hopefully that is OK. Enjambment was something I had to really read on to understand, but I think the third and fourth lines meet that requirement.

What do you think? Does this fit the liars and big talkers in your life you know? It fits tons of people I have met over the years.

Alive Once Again

Every time I am with you, the cold world fades away. Nothing else really matters. I cling on what you say. Your voice speaks to me gently, like a wonderful summer breeze. Your breath’s upon my neck making me… go weak in the knees. I gaze into your eyes, which restore peace within my soul. All the pain of my past is fading. Fading. No longer, will I pay its toll. In you I see wonder, kindness, and love. You promise to stand beside me, even in front of me to protect me, when things get too tough. Every day you are with me, I discover you deeper inside my mind. Somehow you have broken down my walls. I start to shed my doubts and fears, leaving them all behind. Darkness falls and we lay in each other’s arms. Skin touching. Hearts melting. We are entangled together by each other’s charm. You are more than my lover. You are more than my friend. You are who I want forever, my soul mate till the end.


For Writing 201’s Day 3 Assignment:

Word prompt, skin.

Poetic form, prose.

Poetic device, internal rhyme.

This poem actually leads into another poem I wrote for dVerse. Read this one first though as it will explain the depth of feeling of the character in the next poem I post. (Which is scheduled to post at noon today. So the link will work by then…tick tock….)

Joy of the Gift

Seeing you smile brings joy to my heart

Obeying my desires, right from the start

Unaware, I took note of the look in your eye

Led to my gift, you began to cry

Maybe you realized, I meant what I say

And I want to be with you – each and every day

Together forever, entwined like a vine

Eternal sweet love is intoxicating wine


For Writing 201’s Day 2 Assignment:

Word prompt, gift.

Poetic form, acrostic.

Poetic device, simile.

Electronic Life

Gadgets fill our lives.

Silly screens sucking our souls.

Can we put them down?


For Writing 201’s Day 1 Assignment:

Writing 201: Poetry with our first word prompt, “Screen.” For those of you who’d like more of a challenge, be sure to check out today’s poetic form, haiku, and our poetic device of the day, alliteration.

I decided to take the Writing 201 class to brush up on my poetry knowledge. So if you see a lot more poetry lately, this may be why. If you don’t, you know I am not keeping up with the course, lol. But ssshhh, don’t tell the teacher.

Romance, Hope and All That Comes

Our passion passes as we talk of our past, our present…
our dreams. Oh do we dream!  The things we want, vivid and rich.
Desire builds, demanding our delight. Decades gone
since we saw each other last. We were teens in our past.
Too many years lost as we lived our lives apart. Now…
we find each other again. Years gone, but friendship remains.
A palpable spark ignites something deep within. Is it hope?
Hope that our romance could pick up from so long ago?
We plan a visit, to see face to face. To look into each others eyes
and take a taste. Will our hearts soar with this feeling of glee?
Will our fingers explore greedily? Will our lips meet, bringing peace
to our weary hearts? Will all those years of sadness fade like we
were never apart? Will we find…that we want to start again?
I guess we will both see when our visit ends…

I am not really sure if I got all of the goals of this assignment all right, but, I went with the feeling.