Almost Mine, but Thankfully Lost

He wooed me with such pleasurable charm.

I wondered…what if there could be more.

He did everything perfect, there was no alarm.

So I ran at full speed through his revolving door.

But his heart was elusive like a sly black cat.

As he only intended to play for a season.

He was gone before we were and that was that.

Did you ever really care or have a reason?

For a while, I cried over that star that was never in the sky.

But I should have known, he was never meant for me to keep.

He couldn’t open up, too hurt from the past or just liked to lie?

Perhaps I was his game or he was just my lesson to reap?

Now I hope you find me in some of your dreams.

And you wonder ‘what if ‘and lose some esteem.


For Writing 201’s Day 10 Assignment:

Word prompt, pleasure.

Poetic form, sonnet.

Poetic device, apostrophe.

This was my first attempt at this pattern: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I think I prefer to rhyme each line so I am not sure this worked. Feel free to give honest feedback as I am trying to learn the different patterns and rhythms of poetry.


Rainbow of Passion

Your touch melts my senses every time.

I wonder my love, how you became mine.

From the flavor of your lips to hue of your eyes,

When you are near me, all I can do…is sigh.

Like an angel before me, you appear to me.

I feel alive, invigorated and full of glee.

Never before, have I felt so beloved.

My spirit and soul soar, just like a dove.

Your words have meaning and offer support.

You’re my best friend, lover, and sneaky cohort.

Time passes in blurs, it hasn’t been that long.

Yet I’ve known you for life, and it doesn’t feel wrong.

I am proud to stand beside you, and call you my dear.

For in your arms, I have no more to fear.

I know your heart, soul and intriguing mind.

Forever I pray, we’ll be intertwined.


For Writing 201’s Day 8 Assignment:

Word prompt, flavor.

Poetic form, elegy.

Poetic device, enumeratio.

Coffee Shop

Music flows with rich coffee.

Local art has a creative place to brew.

Come inside! Find the time!

Alone, on the phone, or bring your crew.


For Writing 201’s Day 7 Assignment:

Word prompt, neighborhood.

Poetic form, ballad.

Poetic device, assonance.

Ode to Earth

Oh Earth, you are such a blessing to us all.

From North to South and East to West,

You offer us variety from summer to fall.

Views that inspire and catch our interest.

From the rainbow of hues that saturate your skies

The the colors gracefully fade into stars so bright

Shining down upon the waters, oh do they gleam!

Your fields of flowers equal Angels breathing sighs.

Magical creatures roaming both day and night.

This map of your beauty should never go unseen.


For Writing 201’s Day 5 Assignment:

Word prompt, map.

Poetic form, ode.

Poetic device, metaphor.

Ode writing was hard for me. I researched some more info on them and found a Horatian Ode pattern of a,b,a,b,c,d,e,c,d,e so I tried that for the challenge of it. Not sure this is my favorite, but it was worth a try.