The language you don’t speak

you stare at me with cold eyes

time freezes and time flies

looking through me like I were glass

I clench my fingers hoping time will pass

you don’t always speak, but your silence says all

your not impressed, perhaps even appalled.

yet, here I stand before your eyes

I do exist and you don’t know why

for I can never be who you think you are

but I don’t want to be you, I have my own bar.


Not sure where these thoughts came from or really who they are directed to. Nonetheless, this is where my train of thought went when I saw the “language” prompt.


Dreams are Like Water: Necessary & Fluid

As a little girl, I dreamt of horses and gymnastics, I wished that I could fly and I wrote stories about having telekinesis. (Don’t ask me how the heck I knew the name telekinesis back in elementary school! Perhaps I was gifted and then my brilliance was re-gifted to another child later.)

Now, a few decades later, I guess my life is not actually what the school-girl me wished for, but it is really not that far off considering. Considering what you ask? Well, for one thing, considering reality.

The reality of my parent’s finances determined I was not going to get a horse or gymnastics lessons. Gravity determined that I could not fly. My lack of access to the supernatural world or superheroes wanting to bequeath their powers to me limited my ability to move things with my mind. I know. Reality kind of sucks. Big time. I learned that as a kid.

What I also learned over time was that I could still get those dreams. I just had to work harder, smarter, and shape those dreams around the confines of reality.

As a teen, I volunteered my time to teach little kids dance, ballet, tap, jazz and acrobats. This service allowed me to get my own free lessons. Sure, it wasn’t gymnastics exactly. My short, stocky, flexible frame had missed the Olympic window after I passed the age of 7 anyway. But, with those lessons, I at least learned to do a little bit of dancing and flipping. Even now, I can still manage to do a cartwheel and a back-bend. (OK. Not the Mary Lou Retton I wanted to be, but hey, not bad for a 43-year-old who only had local dance lessons.)

When I got to adulthood, I still could not fly. (I know, you are surprised. ) Well, at least not by myself. I had to be a little more creative. I had to take some risks. I had to dish out a little moola…or deploy. As an adult, I have literally flown though. It was just with the help of planes, helicopters, parasails, bungee cords, and zip lines. Each type of flying is different, but each has had a wonder to it.

I did manage to get my first horse a few years ago too. She is not actually the magnificent pure-breed mount that commands attention, but hey, neither am I. What we are together though, is a compatible team that respects and takes care of each other. We go on trail rides. She walks. I manage to stay in the saddle. We wander through nature. I admire it. She eats it. See. THAT is team work.

Now, as for the telekinesis. This one takes a bit more creativity and work. No matter how many times I have stared at objects, they still refuse to move. Unless of course you count the times people have moved away from me after staring angrily at them. That has to be close doesn’t it? OK, maybe a reach there. But how about when I walk by things and they literally do jump of the shelf and onto the floor? My friends call this clumsiness or karma though. I call it, my-awesome-vibe-on-the-world effect. (Because I wear rose-colored glasses.) But, as I age, the adult-me realizes that I have to tweak my image of the telekinesis. The child-me wanted to move things. The adult-me wants to move people. Yeah. I can do that if you consider moving in some of these categories: inspiring, directing and reacting. I think I have moved people a time or two with my words and pictures. I have moved people into to action with some instructions/guidance/advice/military orders. I have moved people to react to my actions. See. I DO have telekinesis after all.

That’s the thing with dreams and wishes, they belong to you. No matter how you change through life, you can still acheive them. It just takes a little hard work, and sometimes, you may need to change the form of those dreams to reflect the stage of life you are in.


For the Daily Post Writing Challenge ~ Ice, Water & Steam.