Finding Wonder

We don’t get a lot of snow in Georgia. In fact, it is quite rare in the southern part I live in. However, I grew up in the North, in Michigan and Ohio to be specific. I remember snow and ice, and sometimes, I even miss it. Of course, after a week or two of snow driving, I am sure I would get over it.

Anyway, since I don’t see it often, it tends to still hold a bit of mystery for me. Last week, while I was on military duty, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful little details on the windshield of my rental car. And when combined with the lights from outside, the view appeared to be an abstract painting. The only problem was that my camera phone was have great difficulty in figuring out where to focus.

Maybe I need to start carrying around my DSL camera for these spontaneous events of wonder?

Either way, here are some of the enhanced iPhone shots I really liked. Now, if it would only snow instead of just frost…


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Challenger’s Choice (Abstracts)