Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday and raining, and the day after running a half marathon that I should have prepared a little bit more for. Ok, I should have prepared A LOT more for. In other words, it is a perfect day to be lazy.

So outside of dragging my butt to church to say thank you for all that I am blessed with, I intend to be just that – lazy.

And in case I forgot how to do that, Simba, my adorable orange tabby, has displayed me the most glamorous lazy I could imagine. Not sure I can meet this Glamor Shot example, but bravo Simba, bravo.

I will try to follow your lead kitty:)


It has been awhile since I did either of these challenges, so today, because Simba looks so dang adorable, I am doing them both. (Yes, I may be biased, but the first step is admitting it.)

For Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday Challenge.

To see their Week 66 of the challenge, click here.

To add your own awesome cat, click here.


Hope the Happy Hugger’s


Day Off With Friends

Just a quick post to say I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I got to spend the afternoon with some adorable furry friends.

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Now, I am getting ready to go hang out with some less furry friends, aka people. What more could a person want in one day?


For the


Rewards of Learning

Learning is a life-long venture and full of rewards – even for dogs. For this weekend, I thought I would share a little jewel of Guy practicing his skills and his adorable portrait when he got his reward.

May you all enjoy your weekend and never give up on your goals to learn something each day.

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