Perspective on Life

If two people are involved, I have always thought there were three sides to a story. Each person has their own take on the situation, and somewhere in the middle is probably the truth. I am not suggesting that every one lies of course. What I am saying though, is that each person has their own view. Regardless of who we are, we all have a perspective on the events that unfold in our lives.

Two people can see the same scene, but they may not necessarily have the same image in their head. Their perspective can be completely different. And based on their values, moods, experiences and vantage points, they may have a completely different view than the other person looking at the same thing.

For example, take a look at the iPhone pictures below. They are all taken within just a few feet of each other. I was standing on a pier in Jamaica in May and staring at the sunset. It was breathtaking. So I walked around taking different views of the moment. None of them are a lie. None of them are wrong. They are just different.

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Of course, for this challenge (Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge ~ Editing and Processing), I enhanced the pictures a bit in Photoshop. Each of them are either saturated or desaturated in color and adjusted for brightness and contrast. The facts of the pictures are still the same, but I tweaked them. To me, editing a picture is similar to what we do to our memories. We apply our own “filters” to the scenes in our head. We use our experiences to translate the moment. And we gauge the situation with our knowledge. Once we put all those factors into the mix, our perspective on the scene could be entirely different than the person at our side.

Knowing and respecting the difference in perspectives is critical in relationships too. If you can try to visualize the scene from someone else’s perspective, their actions may just make more sense. We could appreciate another point of view. We may learn something new. Or, we might just find their stance more appealing. But even if we found none of those things, just imagine what the world could be like if we all took the time to at least view the world through the eyes of another. We just may act with more compassion and understanding.


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Unplugged in Jamaica, Discovering my View

Technology is an undeniable luxury and necessity in the world today, but sometimes, it is really nice to unplug from it. Recently, I went to Jamaica to photograph a friend’s wedding. While there, I removed myself from the demands of the world. No emails. No schedules. No tasks (outside of photographer duties that is). No phone calls.

Essentially, I put away my phone and my computer (other than to take or edit a few pictures here or there). It was refreshing to unwind, sleep in, and laugh with friends. We drank fruity drinks on the beach. We chilled out in the water. We enjoyed some local music and food. Overall, we all just got to relax and enjoy each other and the world around us.

For me, making and keeping those connections with friends is critical. The bride and the two bridesmaids were deployed to Iraq with me back in 2005-2006. We have stayed in contact over the years. Some years more. Some years less. Regardless, there is a bond and history between us.

As an added bonus, I brought my best friend from high school along as my plus one. Her and I have stayed close over the years as well. Again, some years we talk more. Some years, a bit less. Either way though, our chats start off like no time has passed at all.

Having these friends from different times in my life meet was such a blessing. It was like watching a sunset or sunrise. Two different times blending together, creating a powerful beauty. It was poetic too. For the one group of friends knew me as their fellow Soldier friend and the other knew me as the young woman full of dreams. Now, they were both seeing me, the combination of all those things now. Just like the pictures below, we are all made up of several elements (experiences), and it is those elements (experiences) that make the picture (who we are) – thus, creating the view we give others.

All of us have different facets to our personalities, but overall, those facets are just pieces of the total us. Without one element, the total picture would be different. Maybe it could be better. Or maybe it could be worse. That’s the thing. We can only guess how things would be if our lives were different. We could guess and guess, but meanwhile, nothing would change except for the fact that we wasted all that time wondering about the unchangeable past.

So as I reflect on my time in Jamaica, I see that my view is as it should be. My life has not been perfect and certainly not always pleasant. But, it is my life, no one elses. I can’t change my past. I can only change how I deal with my present. My experiences and how I have dealt with them make me who I am. My past does not define me, but adds elements to my life. It is up to me to make my life into the beautiful sunset I want.


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