The graceful winds of love

Love is powerful force. It can build us up or destroy us completely. Either way, it seems worth the risk according to this D.H. Lawrence poem.

Love is the flower of life,

and blossoms unexpectedly and without law,

and must be plucked where it is found,

and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.

~D. H. Lawrence~

Having lost at love before, I grew leery of it. What was the point? Why bother? And, does real love even exist? All those questions ran through my mind, as well as my heart. But one day, I realized, love needed to start with me. If I couldn’t love myself, how could anyone else? I began this quest to find me. I courted that voice inside to find out what I wanted and who I was. Eventually, I realized…I was a good person. With or without someone by my side, I would be ok. I could endure. And, most importantly, I realized, it was OK to love myself.

After that, I relaxed more. I sought adventure. I had fun. And one day, I went on a blind date with nearly no expectations other than fun. (I say nearly because I am a girl after all, and we always have SOME expectations like wanting fabulous hair, good meals and fun conversation.) On this date, I was to meet some friends and they were bringing a “nice guy.” I remember laughing and saying, “Well, if he IS nice, then he won’t like me. Only crazy people like me. But hey, I am good cuz I like me.”

Therefore, I showed up merely hoping for a pleasant night out. That was nearly a year and half ago, and we are still dating. (But the details of all that are another story.) I look back at that time and am still amazed. I took a risk and plucked the blossom of love when I found it. And I will cherish it for all that it is and may be in the future.

So, in honor of love and risks, I created this tanka for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge. The prompt words of wind and grace brought me back to the moment in my life. The moment I graced myself with love is when the winds changed. And those winds brought love.

Strangers become friends

Two hearts intertwine as one

In a whirlwind of pure fate

Whispers of love caress me

Rendering my soul complete



Prompt Words: Wind & Grace.