Trance of Hate

He wakes up so angry

at those he does not know.


They haven’t done anything to him,

But still his hatred grows.


He thinks he’s somehow better,

than all not like him.


It’s a shame he cannot see

that he’s in a trance of sin.


Fight! Fight like hell.

But fight your hate inside.


Learn to see what you were told

Was nothing, but a bunch of lies.


No one is better

and no one is worse.


The hate you feel inside

is nothing but a curse.

Deep inside you want something

but hate can never fill.

Turn to God’s love and peace

and not your arrogant will.


For the Daily Post ~ Trance.

Stop the hate. Learn to love. It feels better.


Say farewell to hate…please

Farewell to the past

Farewell to the present

Farewell to all those things

I don’t want in it.

The world can be ugly

and there is so much greed.

I want to disappear.

I want to go unseen.

I look for signs

of hope and fate.

But it’s hard to see through

the cruelty and hate.

Where is the world

of love and peace?


It could be in us all,

if we lay self-righteousness

at our feet.

Stand with our neighbors.

Stand with them all.

Because united we stand

and divided we fall.


For Writer’s Quote Wednesday’s Challenge ~ Farewell.

A spur of the moment 6-minute post of feeling and a prayer for our world. I won’t give up hope yet. But somedays, it is hard to get through all the ugliness in the world to believe humans can fix their own issues.