Unclear Signs That Make You Wonder

Perhaps I am slow, have a dirty mind or am a bit too blonde, but some signs I have seen over the years just make me scratch my head. For example, here are a few I found while deployed in 2010-2011:

no left no right

This was at the Red Cross center in Iraq. The trailer was surrounded by cement barricades to protect it from rockets and there was no road traffic. So it can only be intended for foot traffic that was trying to leave the building. Funny thing is the left or right side of this sign both led the same area. Only difference was if you walked out on the left or the right of the cement wall. An entire six foot difference. Nothing around. No danger. (Well outside of the random mortars falling from the sky.) I still don’t understand.

no parking

This was on a base in Afghanistan. Clearly, it was very effective.

open every day

Open every day really? Oh, that is because Friday is not really one of the days…ok. I have nothing.


This was in Ramadi, Iraq. Separately, I understand the signs. Together, they are just too funny, especially when you have been deployed for a year.

Have you found any odd signs? Post them, make a ping and see them here.