Out With the Old, In With the New

I stood looking out over the river, “It’s been a good, long life with no regrets.”

I hated to leave my little piece of heaven. The stairs were too much though. My 115-year-old body and mind were tired. It might be nice to have daily help and company, and my granddaughter adored this place. I was content to leave it in her capable hands just as my grandmother had done for me. Generations of our kind had lived here. We thrived from this river, the source of our powers.

But my granddaughter was ready to lead, and I retire.


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Raging Waters

The week before and after Christmas were particularly wet here in Georgia. So wet there was major flooding actually. The Chattahoochee, which runs through the city of Columbus, reportedly rose over 30 feet. Local creek beds overflowed into rushing rapids … Continue reading