Silly Saturdays-Live it up

Just a quick post to say thank you for following my randomness. And in honor of my Silly Saturdays, here is my horse, Daisy, wishing you all a good day.

silly pet sat 28 march


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Making Room for the New

The other night, I left my yoga mat out. Clearly, it was in invitation for a sleepover. As I crawled out of bed and came across this display, I laughed and thought, “What are they on a fitness resolution too?” Then, I started to think of how I did not even want either one of these animals in the beginning.

Simba, the 15-pound orange cat, was acquired on trip to Ohio. My daughter and I went to grandma’s house. At the time, Grandma had a barn cat with brand new adorable kittens. Of course, my daughter talked me into bringing him home. Her theory was that he needed a home and I should not be alone when she and her brother would be at their dad’s house. So, here we are a few years later with a huge, fluffy cat with attitude. I am not sure he realizes his life went from a struggling Ohio barn cat to a spoiled Georgia fat cat. Either way, he apparently loves to do yoga.

Guy, the calico baby, was another adventure of my daughters. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) A couple of years ago, her and her boyfriend thought they should get a puppy. Um, one major problem with this plan. She was in high school and he was living in the Army barracks. Neither one of them had a “home” that could have pets. To make the story simple, I will sum it up that the boyfriend is gone and we got the dog in the breakup. (The better end of the deal I might say too.) Needless to say, my daughter is now busy with college classes, work and sorority events, so Guy has been returned to my house after a short break at her college apartment. He loves long trail rides…and yoga too.

So, here I am caring for a cat AND a dog. That is a lot considering I was the lady who did not want to deal with pets in the house. (I hate hair, litter boxes, and animal smells.) I was happy with my horse. I GO to her. Her mess is contained and outside and then I come home to clean. Well, I did. Now, I come home to hairballs, chases and play wrestling. (This is all from Simba and Guy, not the kids. They bring their own fun when they are here: laundry, smiles, and dinner requests.)

Now that my dream of a pet-free home has been washed away for a couple of years now, I may as well embrace it. Guy and Simba seem to have found comfort in my dad now being at the house now too. He has taken over the main feeding for them. He is also blessed with maintaining the revolving door for them on an hourly basis. Thank God! When it was just me at the house, they were either in or out while I was at work. Now, they can get constant attention and endless trips in and out of the house. (Thanks dad!)

So the new year is here, my yoga mat is full, and I think, God just had a better plan than I did. I may not have originally wanted these makers of fur-tumbleweeds, but now that they are here, I can be thankful and embrace the time I have with them. Does this mean I need to buy another yoga mat though?





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