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If two people are involved, I have always thought there were three sides to a story. Each person has their own take on the situation, and somewhere in the middle is probably the truth. I am not suggesting that every one lies of course. What I am saying though, is that each person has their own view. Regardless of who we are, we all have a perspective on the events that unfold in our lives.

Two people can see the same scene, but they may not necessarily have the same image in their head. Their perspective can be completely different. And based on their values, moods, experiences and vantage points, they may have a completely different view than the other person looking at the same thing.

For example, take a look at the iPhone pictures below. They are all taken within just a few feet of each other. I was standing on a pier in Jamaica in May and staring at the sunset. It was breathtaking. So I walked around taking different views of the moment. None of them are a lie. None of them are wrong. They are just different.

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Of course, for this challenge (Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge ~ Editing and Processing), I enhanced the pictures a bit in Photoshop. Each of them are either saturated or desaturated in color and adjusted for brightness and contrast. The facts of the pictures are still the same, but I tweaked them. To me, editing a picture is similar to what we do to our memories. We apply our own “filters” to the scenes in our head. We use our experiences to translate the moment. And we gauge the situation with our knowledge. Once we put all those factors into the mix, our perspective on the scene could be entirely different than the person at our side.

Knowing and respecting the difference in perspectives is critical in relationships too. If you can try to visualize the scene from someone else’s perspective, their actions may just make more sense. We could appreciate another point of view. We may learn something new. Or, we might just find their stance more appealing. But even if we found none of those things, just imagine what the world could be like if we all took the time to at least view the world through the eyes of another. We just may act with more compassion and understanding.


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Perspective Can Make all the Difference

I have always thought that there are three sides to every story. One for each side of the fence and then, somewhere in the middle is reality. I don’t mean to suggest that someone on either side of the fence is lying intentionally. Rather, I think that each side simply has their own perspective.

When a situation occurs, they determine what they see with the filters they were given, or gathered, through life. Actions are taken, or not taken, based on what a person feels is happening. This happens for the person on the opposite side of the fence as well. I would like to think that most people are trying to make an honest effort based on what they perceive. The problem with this is that people can have very different perspectives, even when looking at the same thing.

Of course, there are those who intentionally go out of their way to create drama and havoc. Regardless of their perspective, these people are self-serving, mean and cruel. I am not talking about those people. Those people suck and no one has time for them.

For most normal and loving people….This difference in perspectives can create a vast array of interpretations though. Take a dandelion. There is a large group of people who would look at this plant as a weed. And yet, there are many others who would claim it to be a flower.  According to Wikipedia, “the dandelion plant is a beneficial weed, with a wide range of uses, and is even a good companion plant for gardening.” The funny thing is that the dandelion is still the same. How can it be considered so differently? Perspective. Depending on your set of filters, it is a weed or it is a flower. For me, it’s technical definition is irrelevant. I could care less what people call it. To me, it is a flower. It is beauty.

The first stage of the dandelion is yellow and bright. So full of light. And then it seems to fade out into this pale, pokey form. But in a little time, this “dying” weed take a new form of beauty. Its “petals” become almost feather-like and can float in the breeze like dreams.

This transformation is symbolic for my life I think. I feel like the bright, youthful me has disappeared over the years from life experiences. For a time, I was starting to fade. My perspective on life was pale, and growing dim. But now, it is starting to transform. I am starting to find myself once more. My goals are forming again and with some effort, they will float into my reality. All I need to do is make the wish (a solid plan) and blow (the hard work). Call me a weed or call me a flower. The name does not matter. I just know I will flourish and float wherever I land, and some may not appreciate me. But like the dandelion, I have several purposes and some will see me as a flower. All it takes is the right perspective:)

A flower is a weed seen through joyful eyes.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie


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