Behind the Fence, Destiny Calls

And now, a sequel to last week’s Friday Fictioneers

She could feel someone standing behind her. She didn’t move but eyed the doorway. Instantly, she recognized the aged voice. Yet, she had no idea who it was.

“Are you here to finally accept your path?”

Sheri slowly turned to see a decrepit old woman. “Um…I’m sorry. I just love old buildings. I thought it was abandoned,” said Sheri turning to leave.

“Like you have abandoned your gift? Denied your mark?”

Sheri stopped, her birthmark burning.

“You have a gift child. Stop ignoring it.”


“I knew the fence would only entice you. You cannot fight who you are child.”


For Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers.


PHOTO PROMPT © Madison Woods

Book of Mystery

Creeping around old houses was an addiction, a mysterious adventure that got Sheri’s mind racing.

Who lived here and why did they leave?

Endless questions poured through her mind, especially when she found things. What reasons made people abandon stuff, like this intricate book? Who would leave such a treasure? And why was it not dusty?

Sheri gently flipped through the pages–pages that seemed like inlaid origami. She traced the delicate designs. It felt like the book was pulsing under her fingertips.

Or was that her heart pounding…

She froze when she felt the cold breath on her neck.


For added fun, I add a few abandoned house pictures I took recently.

The book picture though is the PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham


UPDATE: Sequel to this: Behind the Fence, Destiny Calls.