Almost Mine, but Thankfully Lost

He wooed me with such pleasurable charm.

I wondered…what if there could be more.

He did everything perfect, there was no alarm.

So I ran at full speed through his revolving door.

But his heart was elusive like a sly black cat.

As he only intended to play for a season.

He was gone before we were and that was that.

Did you ever really care or have a reason?

For a while, I cried over that star that was never in the sky.

But I should have known, he was never meant for me to keep.

He couldn’t open up, too hurt from the past or just liked to lie?

Perhaps I was his game or he was just my lesson to reap?

Now I hope you find me in some of your dreams.

And you wonder ‘what if ‘and lose some esteem.


For Writing 201’s Day 10 Assignment:

Word prompt, pleasure.

Poetic form, sonnet.

Poetic device, apostrophe.

This was my first attempt at this pattern: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. I think I prefer to rhyme each line so I am not sure this worked. Feel free to give honest feedback as I am trying to learn the different patterns and rhythms of poetry.


Lost Love-Dying Heart

Leaves floated like feathers, slowly sinking to the sandy ground like hope in a failing heart. The wind whispered a silky voice, taunting and teasing over the pastor’s murmur. Branches lifelessly hung, heavy with a sea of frozen tears. Grave markers stood proudly proclaiming their victory as a cold and empty face could only see one. Only one name screamed from the granite. Only one name ripped through the bleeding soul whose heart was so destroyed, it may as well be shattered glass washing away in the nearby tide. Voices sounded distant like they were inside of a conch shell on the empty shore. Their words were incoherent rumblings to her deaf ears. Whatever gibberish poured from their grey lips mattered not. The sea was calling, demanding she return to yesterday’s memory. Clutching a cold endless band, she stumbled to the welcoming frigid water. Trembling hands shook off today, this dreadful day. Tomorrow there would be no nightmares for she would be in her soul mate’s arms again.

Feet sinking into sand

Drowning heart fills with tears

Peace comes in waves


Posted for D’verse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday.

Prompt was Khalil Gibran’s quote: “Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”


This is a sequel to a prose poem I wrote for Writing 201. Read that one and you will understand the depth of this character’s love and passion for her soul mate. It explains her state after such a great loss.

Dying Love

Silence fills the air.
I cannot speak.
I don’t even dare.

I wait.
Wait for another time.
And I hope for
A better moment to speak my mind.

Alone I stand.
I’m next to you,
But sinking in the sand.

Apart we start to live.
We no longer think
About each other and how to give.

Dream that we break apart.
Thinking that’s the path
Since there’s nothing in my heart.

Lost is the day
Where we used to love.
So now we stare with nothing to say.

Relief comes at the end.
Because neither of us
Remember how or want to bend.

Peace is what we have at last.
For when we see each other
There’s nothing but a stranger we knew in the past.


For dVerse’s Open Link Night #156.

I Forget I am Alone

I think of your kiss,
Softly on my neck at night.
My hand reaches out.

I find nothing there.
For a moment, I forgot.
I sigh with regret.

My heart won’t believe
That you are not here with me.
I ache for your touch.

I miss your whispers
As I fall asleep at night.
Like a lullaby.

Each night it’s the same.
I call for you in my sleep.
But you are not there.

Morning comes. I reach.
Feeling nothing but fresh sheets.
I turn and I cry.

Tears run down my face.
For part of my heart shattered
When you left this Earth.

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Think and Fresh.