Share Your World ~ Week 24

Time for a little Share Your World this week.

Each week, Cee provides the blogging world with some questions. Our task, should we choose to accept it, is to answer them. Whether or not that are the truth or fiction is really up to us though. And let’s just admit it, sometimes what we think is true is just our happy perception or wish to cover up the reality we may not want to have to look at.

So here we go:

What is the most fun thing you did in school?

FUNNIEST: In highschool, I was a cheerleader. At football games, we typically had these large plastic hoops that we covered in paper that had some painted scene on it. It was a complete event. We cheerleaders would get together during the week and assemble and paint these six- or seven-foot in “hoop covers.” Of course these were social events where we would chit chat about cute boys, demanding teachers and stupid homework. Oh, and of course our parents who could NOT possibly understand us.

Anyway, at the beginning of the game and at half time, we would hold up the hoop for the football players to burst through. At one particular game though, they decided to run passed the hoop, which was frankly kind of rude. So we all just stood there for a second looking dumb, but pretending to cheer. After nearly all the players congregated near the hoop they had just walked passed, a few players decided to crash through it. The problem here was that the cheerleaders had started to walk off the field. Me, being next to the hoop on the inside edge of the field, wound up being perfectly positioned right in front of the hoop. Next thing I know, I hear my name being screamed as I saw feet and helmets bursting through the festively painted paper…towards me.

Fortunately, I was only trampled by a couple of players. And since I didn’t really have time to react and tense up, I left unscathed. Well, I had some cleat marks on the stomach area of my uniform. Decades later though…no shit, there I was at a hotel mindlessly watching America’s Funniest Videos when I saw the scene replayed for the Nation. Wait. Does that mean I should get a royalty check from that episode or something?!

FUN: In college, I was a radio disc jockey and totally loved it. Being a freshman, I got the crappy hours of course. But, I was a freshman on the radio so who really cared back then! Once a week, from 2-6 in the morning, I spun records, classic rock. I am sure I was horrible as I mispronounced names of well-know rockers, told lame jokes, and rambled on with useless banter. However, I had a blast! Oh, and my “potty-break” song was almost alway Hotel California because it gave me time to run to the bathroom and get back before the song was over. (There was no programing of songs back then. Just push play on the disc and cue the cart for a PSA. And there certainly wasn’t anyone else in the studio at that hour.)

As an extra bonus, I was also a “news chick” one morning of the week for both the classic rock and alternative rock stations during the “rush hour.” I would troll through the AP News Wire and put together bits of news and banter with the morning DJs. These DJS were the senior though as they got the prime morning hours and had way cooler radio personalities than us freshman.

Two fun facts about that time:

  1. One morning, I was cruising back to my room on my bicycle when I hit a patch of ice. Let’s just say I know how it feels to fly and that I was happy I had layers of clothes on and thick gloves. Oh, I was also happy that it was not even 7 am yet so the normally busy college campus was pretty empty of witnesses.
  2. After Spring Break, I was bantering with the cool senior DJs while I was acting as the “news chick.” During that banter I casually slipped out the fact that I got married over Spring Break. It’s all on tape and is quite funny. I just need to find a cassette player and transfer it to disc so you all could hear it one day.

What is your favorite type of dog?  (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal or character in a movie)

My favorite dog of all times is Copper from The Fox and the Hound. Since I was a child, I adored this movie and its message about being able to be friends with someone who you “shouldn’t be.” The voices of the characters will always be in my memory, “friends forever.”


You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met.  Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Tough call. I am not normally a socialite at a party unless I am working as the photographer. (Not sure why the camera provides me with the courage to walk up to strangers when I myself cannot do it. Nonetheless, it does.) BUT….fascinating people who I would love to me and the opportunity to actually go is tempting. I think if I did not go, I would regret it. And I have done so many other things by myself….so why not. I just might bring the camera to give me courage though.

Complete this sentence:  Never In My Life Have I…. 

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

This week was wonderfully simple. I went to work. I worked out. I went to a movie with my boyfriend one night and dinner another. (We were celebrating one year of dating! Who who!)  I even managed to squeeze in an oil change for the car. It may sound boring, but it was perfect. It was like life, real life that was filled with contentment.

The bonus of the week was seeing the first few vegetables come out of the garden. And holy smokes batman, that Miracle Grow and full-time garden manager, aka dad, are paying off. Look at the size of these zucchini and squash!


As for what I am looking forward to…I would have to say that would be my girl trip. I am going to meet up with three gals who I was deployed to Iraq with back in 2005-2006. One of them just had a baby so we are all getting together to meet the newest, and most adorable girl, to the group. Margaritas, baby coos, and chats with Army buddy friends…what more could a girl want in her week? A handsome and supportive guy who will pick her up from the airport shuttle? Consider that checked too.




The Funny Comeback/Tackle

You could feel the excitement in the air. The playoff game was tied. It was half time. And out came the football team ready to trample over the other team. Instead, they ran over one of their own.

Let me explain.

When I was a high school cheerleader, we used to make big signs for the football players to run through. We always made two: one for the beginning of the game and one for half time. It was quite a fun project for us. We would get together before the games and lay out these huge rolls of paper, which were taped together to form a “cover” on a hoop. With the huge paper lying on the ground, we would draw and paint a spirited picture on it. A roaring tiger. Big bubble letters saying ‘Go Team.’ A giant football flying in the air. Whatever we could think of. The creation of these paper covers was always an event in itself too. While creating these game-day icons, we would laugh, dance and talk about everything under the sun. It was one of the bigger team building exercises actually.

Once created, we would bring these “covers” to the game, both home and away, and attached them to a plastic hoop, which was then held by two of the cheerleaders. The other cheerleaders would form lines on both sides of the hoop, forming a path for the football team to run through. So, at the beginning of each half of the game, the band would play, the cheerleaders formed an “entrance,” and the football team would come crashing through the paper onto the field.

The playoff game of my junior year was not exception, but it did not go as planned. As the second half of the tied game was beginning, we held the hoop and formed the “entrance” like normal. But, for whatever reason the team was not running through it. We stood there wondering what the heck was going on. We were actually getting kind of offended at the slight. We were so offended that we started to walk off the field with the hoop when practically the whole team ignored us, walking past the hoop. I started to walk in front of the hoop as I was on the far side of the field. At this same time, three players must have seen their opportunity to crash through the sign. Maybe they were always in the back and had never had this chance? Maybe they were rebels against the let’s-ignore-the-cheerleaders plot? Maybe this was the plan all along? I will most likely never know the whys, but I can tell you what did happen.

As I was crossing in front of the hoop, I heard someone scream my name. I stopped and turned towards our hand-painted sign and all I saw was a sudden appearance of feet and helmets. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground looking up at the crisp fall sky. People ran over to make sure I was not hurt. I laid there for a moment trying to figure out what had just happened, surveying myself to see if I was indeed hurt. Fortunately, I wasn’t. However, I did have a big cleat mark on my stomach and some grass stains on my back.

After that, it was THE story at school for awhile. Everyone joked about it. There were little notes on my locker, funny stick drawings and all kinds of remarks in the hall way. It was somehow becoming my claim to fame. I was the cheerleader who was trampled. It was funny, but not necessarily what I would want my legacy to be. I thought I’d never come back from that one, but like most things in high school, it eventually faded away.

Several years passed and one day I was sitting around to only be reminded of it again though. I had just arrived at military school, was all unpacked and decided to spend some leisure time in front of the television. As I laid there watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, I suddenly saw my friends, our hoop and myself getting trampled. It was in a cheerleader montage and went so fast that I wasn’t even sure I had just seen it. But, sure enough, there it was nearly 10 years later—my team running our own over on the field. I guess I should not have worried about coming back from that event, but rather, worried about this event coming back to me. At least it’s a humorous comeback.


Write about anything you’d like, but make sure the post includes this sentence:

“I thought we’d never come back from that one.”