Over in a second

Moments fly by and by.

We often wonder, why do I try?

We cannot complete all that we want.

Our endless lists continue to taunt.

We miss little moments in the time that we waste.

Fussing and fretting, forgetting to taste.

For each little second could offer us glee

If we could only stop, embrace the present, and. just. be.


iPhone photos edited in Hipstamatic and Snapseed.

Fighting the clock is something we all do. We wish for more time to complete our to-do lists. We need more time to prepare for a test/meeting/event. We pray for more time with a loved one.

Time is precious and it waits for no one. Regardless of your wealth, character or intentions, the time you get is the time you get. Therefore, you can use it wisely or waste it. In this statement is where problems arise though.

When you use time wisely, does that mean you are always busy? Do you have to be productive in those moments of time for your time to matter? Or can you simply just be in the presence of nature or a loved one, embracing the sounds, smells, and tastes of an experience for the moment count?

I think the answers to those questions depend on the person. Only the individual can decide what is worthy of their time. And those answers can vary depending on the day, the situation and the people around us…

Have you thought about your time and how you use it and what you want to do? Go ahead. Think about. The clock is ticking…



Ironically, I wrote the poem part of this for Linda G. Hill’s Prompt ~ Seconds. I saved it as a draft and then set it aside.


A couple of weeks later, I took the pictures of the clock for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black & White.

They seemed to match up, so I figured, there was a reason I saved the poem. I just didn’t know in that second that I would be writing about time this week. So here we go, two challenges in one post. Now THAT is using your time wisely:)