Finding You, Finding Life

Your voice fills my mind

Saturating me with craved images of you, I dream

Dream that a lost love found me, at last, in you


Your company stuns my body

Dazing me with the fluidity of your presence, I stare

Stare at the gift God has given me, how do I keep you here


Your kiss mesmerizes my thoughts

Freezing me like a lioness with belladonna in her eyes

My eyes that only see you as the world disappears


Your touch fills my soul

Flooding me like a lone streetlight amongst the darkness

The darkness that had become my heart, now fades


Your love completes my life

Filling my heart with passion and purpose, I live

Live to be better and make you smile, we are one



For d’Verse’s ~ Poetics Line em Up.

A challenge where you take at least three lines of their poem to make yours.


Dying Love

Silence fills the air.
I cannot speak.
I don’t even dare.

I wait.
Wait for another time.
And I hope for
A better moment to speak my mind.

Alone I stand.
I’m next to you,
But sinking in the sand.

Apart we start to live.
We no longer think
About each other and how to give.

Dream that we break apart.
Thinking that’s the path
Since there’s nothing in my heart.

Lost is the day
Where we used to love.
So now we stare with nothing to say.

Relief comes at the end.
Because neither of us
Remember how or want to bend.

Peace is what we have at last.
For when we see each other
There’s nothing but a stranger we knew in the past.


For dVerse’s Open Link Night #156.

We Forgot We Stood as One

We forgot the day our world fell down
We forgot the buildings falling into the streets
We forgot the pain on every dusty face
We forgot that people went to work to never return home again
We forgot that moment for ever frozen in time
That moment that changed so many lives

We forgot we stood watching in fear
Who was responsible?
What place would be next?
How could we be safe?
Is it safe to rest?

We forgot that war was not just in faraway lands
We forgot that kids died there playing with toys
We forgot that orphans were made in the blink of an eye
We forgot the people who jumped from the buildings trying to save their lives
And as they fell, we prayed, that God was at their side

We forgot we stood immobile, like a herd of deer
We forgot the news and our stunned disbelief
We forgot that a nation pulled together in its grief
We forgot that we put aside our differences, our political correctness and pointless reasons to fight,
All to stand united and do what was right

We forgot the plane that crashed in that field
We forgot those passengers who fought to the end,
And probably saved thousands with their sacrifice
We forgot the people who called to say goodbye
We forgot all the tears our nation cried

On this day we should remember
We should pray
Remember that terror
Remember that pain

Remember a nation that changed in a flash
Remember our flag rising out of the ash

Remember that moment our world changed forever
Remember the reason we now have to stand in long lines, shoeless, just to be scanned
To sit on a plane for a trip that we planned

Remember the families who had no choice but to grieve
Remember the horror of that terrible scene

Remember those, the ones who died
The citizens who stepped up, just trying to save the unfortunate stuck inside

Remember that in all this disaster
We all forgot our religion, our class, our politics, our race
And we stood together as one American face


For dVerse’s poetry challenge ~ How We Forgot