Who Needs a Secret Admirer-Not Me

When I receive flowers, the sender is not a secret. However, where he finds them could be in question. You see, my boyfriend doesn’t always buy flowers. He picks them.

He loves to pick wildflowers for me. He sees them, stops and gathers them up for me. His natural instinct to do this started on our first fairytale trip together. Since then, he will pick them while we are hiking or running. I will then put the single flower in my hair and we continue on our hike/run. If we are driving, he will pull over and gather them up for me. I smile at his thoughtfulness and hold them or put them in a water bottle. If we are not together, he brings them to me in a vase of some sort. Sometimes, it is a whole bouquet of flowers. Other times, just a single beauty of nature.

He knows me well too. He picks a variety of flowers (when nature allows it) as he knows I will photograph them nearly every time. He will mention, something like, ‘these were so pretty and I thought you might like them for your blog.’ He is so right. I do like them for my blog, and the fact that he knows that touches my heart. The fact that he supports that, makes him even more special. The fact that he will stop what he is doing to get them for me, tells me he cares.

So I say, who wants a secret admirer when you can have a wonderful boyfriend who showers you with flowers he picks just for you…and all your wonderful followers? Not me.


For the Daily Post Challenge ~ Secret Admirers.

To see pictures of some of the flowers he has picked, click on over to my photography blog here. The one I featured for this article was an abstract I made from one of the many flowers he has given me.