Trance of Hate

He wakes up so angry

at those he does not know.


They haven’t done anything to him,

But still his hatred grows.


He thinks he’s somehow better,

than all not like him.


It’s a shame he cannot see

that he’s in a trance of sin.


Fight! Fight like hell.

But fight your hate inside.


Learn to see what you were told

Was nothing, but a bunch of lies.


No one is better

and no one is worse.


The hate you feel inside

is nothing but a curse.

Deep inside you want something

but hate can never fill.

Turn to God’s love and peace

and not your arrogant will.


For the Daily Post ~ Trance.

Stop the hate. Learn to love. It feels better.


Stats of Life

I write, ramble and ponder. Seemingly, there are no consistent topics to my posts. I just go with whatever inspires me that day. Sometimes it’s an angry poetic rant to people I can’t approach in person. And yet, other times I may weave together a romantic story involving a cat and a machete.

What do those have in common? Now that, took a moment to consider…

The daily post today said:

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

When I looked at my top four posts, I scratched my head. How the heck are these things related?

  1. Four haikus together that gave advice to the bitter, greedy, hateful people of the world.
  2. A haiku that talks about our childhood dreams and adult reality.
  3. A fictional romance about a cat who links a machete-weilding hot guy with a home-owning girl in yoga pants.
  4. My personal ramblings, and a couple of iPhone pictures, on how I am discovering myself.

The connection is life, but not just any life. I am not talking about zombie lives or miserable/hateful/bitter lives. No, I am talking about lives with purpose. They all encourage passion and personal improvement. They speak to the hearts and souls of us as human beings and whisper-give it a try, be more than yesterday, seize the moment and don’t give up.

I have lived that just-barely-breathing life before and vow to not return to it. I promised myself to live in the moment and plan for my tomorrows. Each day, I want to be better, stronger and wiser. Sometimes I exceed. Other times, well, I fall on my face. But, that is OK. That’s life. If we get another chance to try again the next day, we are blessed.  I think that is how these four random topics are connected. Now go look around and relish in all that you have, and go take a few baby steps towards your dreams. One step at a time, you can get there. And who knows, maybe you will inspire some bitter/sad person, accomplish that childhood dream, or meet your soul-mate. And in between all that, you may just discover something new about yourself. 🙂

Best wishes.



Blind Date Love

We met through friends, not expecting much.
Now here we are, finding it hard not to touch.

Quickly you are becoming, my friend and my rock.
It’s hard to turn away, when our eyes do lock.

We talk and laugh, bringing tears to our hearts.
For our pasts start to fade and our future starts.

We know this is crazy. Maybe a little too fast?
But all that we know, is we want it to last.

We see the chance of a life full of glee.
And we stop and think, why can’t it be me?

Do we slow? Do we pause? Do we hinder the pace?
Why would we want to, when we both love the taste?

For once in our lives, we can be who we are.
We can feel great passion and lay under the stars.

We can stay up for hours, feeling the heat of the night.
We can look into each other’s eyes, knowing its right.

For our hearts are like one, in so many ways.
I’ve known you forever, in just a matter of days.


For Happily Ever After.


Living My Blog Out Loud

Last fall I started blogging to silence the voices in my head. Not like split-personality, bat-shit-crazy voices. No, these voices were more like the random lines of poetry, the details of an experience, and the outlines of a plot. At times, they would flood my head, distracting me from life. So instead of missing out on what was going on around me, I decided to write, thus freeing my mind to experience things before me. It also allowed me to dabble in an old dream.

As a child, I wanted to be a writer…but then I grew up. The demands of life took over and my dream faded away. The bigger problem though, was that I was fading with my dream. I was a shell of a person, nearly devoid of passion. I survived to serve others. I was so far away from myself that I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

So when I started to write, I didn’t even care if anyone liked my posts (though that is preferable of course). I just need to write. There was no posting schedule in my head. I had no strategic marketing plan. I merely had the desire to put words on paper. Sometimes the words formed poems and other times a fictional story. Then I started posting about my feelings, my life. I started to share stories from my past.

Through this therapeutic process, I discovered the meaning behind my blog’s name, Chasing Life and Finding Dreams (which I chose partially from a TV series, Chasing Life, that I was really enjoying). I realized the name wasn’t as haphazard as I had originally thought. No, deep down, I knew that things were changing. I was embracing life more and more each day. I was trying new things. I was beginning to find me, the real me. And in the process of chasing my lost life, I discovered…I am finding my dreams.


For the Daily Prompt ~ All About me.

I Don’t Want to be a Rock. Can I not be a Princess Instead?

Independence and strength are great qualities to have, but frankly, I am tired of being the rock.

Throughout my life, I quickly learned that if something needed to be done, I needed to make it happen. No one was going to cater to my needs, wishes or desires. No one was going to stop working on their list of to-dos to work on mine. No, if I wanted it, I had to work for it.

I learned to take care of myself. I learned to take care of others. I learned to take care of things. Trust me, it is not that I want to make all the decisions. I could care less who is in charge. I don’t crave power. Nor do I crave perfection. What I do crave on the other hand though, is shit happening.

When you are the wife of a soldier, the demands of life don’t wait for your husband to come home. No. Things break, bills come and children get hurt. So you get up and take action or you sit and watch everything crumble around you.

When you’re divorced and on your own, life’s demands don’t stop either. There is no one for you to rely on anymore. Sure, you may have older kids, friends or family who can help here or there, but for the most part, it is you making things happen, or allowing things to not happen. It is sink or swim.

When you are a soldier yourself, you can lead or you can follow. Either way, you still have to get results. The only difference is that you are following your ideas or someone else’s. Ultimately though, unless you are THE top dog, you are pretty much always following someone else’s direction. So regardless of where the direction came from, you have to be a rock. You have to be strong. You have to accomplish tasks. (Or should be if you are a good soldier.) Over the years, my mantra has become, make a decision, or get out of the way. I don’t care if it’s the best decision or not a 100 percent plan, but pick something and start working on that plan. To me, some movement is better than standing stagnate with indecision, which drives me crazy.

Combine all of these facets of my life and here I am, a rock. I get things done. I help others. I weigh my options and make decisions. I may not always make the right decisions. Hell, some choices have really sucked. But, you know what? They were mine and I made them, and sometimes even with a little thought. Other times…I probably should have thought a little longer. Such is life though. We learn from our mistakes.

Now, you would think being a rock is a good thing, appreciated. Not always. Sometimes it is just tiring. I don’t want to make all the decisions. I don’t need to feel the power of control. I don’t want to have to consider every option. No, sometimes it would just be nice to show up and follow the crowd. To be surprised by someone taking a task off my list. To be comforted and taken care of. Yeah, I could live with that sometimes.

However much I would like to be taken care of though, I will never ask. Unfortunately, history has shown me countless times that asking for help reduces the odds of getting results. Most times, the only result in asking for help was the loss of time and the frustration of empty promises. Therefore, I just keep rolling like a good rock does. If someone offers help, I will take it with a smile, but rarely, will I ask.

Apparently dating a rock is no fun either. Now that I a single, I have had men tell me that I am too independent, too busy. Hhhhmmmm. I have to think on that one. I have no choice but to be independent. Who is going to pay the bills? Mow the lawn? Plan a trip? And when you have two jobs, kids, hobbies and no one else to worry about, you may as well be busy and passionate about your life. Am I supposed to sit around and wait for some prince to find me? No. I think not. If he is truly my price, we will find each other while we are out living and enjoying life. And this prince will appreciate my strength and know, I will gladly let him be my rock and I his princess. But until someone hands me my tiara, you will find this princess on the move and making decisions.


For the Daily Prompt ~ I am a Rock.