Blind Date Love

We met through friends, not expecting much.
Now here we are, finding it hard not to touch.

Quickly you are becoming, my friend and my rock.
It’s hard to turn away, when our eyes do lock.

We talk and laugh, bringing tears to our hearts.
For our pasts start to fade and our future starts.

We know this is crazy. Maybe a little too fast?
But all that we know, is we want it to last.

We see the chance of a life full of glee.
And we stop and think, why can’t it be me?

Do we slow? Do we pause? Do we hinder the pace?
Why would we want to, when we both love the taste?

For once in our lives, we can be who we are.
We can feel great passion and lay under the stars.

We can stay up for hours, feeling the heat of the night.
We can look into each other’s eyes, knowing its right.

For our hearts are like one, in so many ways.
I’ve known you forever, in just a matter of days.


For Happily Ever After.


Stolen Time, Forever Mine

Weary travelers, rest your heads.
Lay upon this stolen bed.

Find some peace in the night,
For your souls do feel it right.

Forever, you were meant to be.
But only now, can you see.

For there were some lessons you had to learn.
And now, the passion you hold can start to burn.

Embrace your feelings and say your prayers.
For there is a bliss beyond compare.

Seize the moment and feel the desire.
There is nothing wrong in this fire.

The flame is high and so intense
Only to make up for past nonsense.

So grab your chance, just breath it in.
I gave you each other. It is not a sin.

Your faith in me has brought you this blessing.
Tell your story. Don’t leave people guessing.

Now go embrace this chance to live.
To each other, you’re gifts I give.

For there’s no more need to be apart.
It’s time for your lives to truly start.


Inspired by the recent meeting of my soul mate.