Seeing and feeling color


I’ve always been drawn to colors. They seem to add a filter on top of life, making everything seem more fun, interesting and creative.

Just think about it. What would a sunset be without the blend of colors painting the sky? How appealing would a birthday cake be in the steel tones of black and white? Where would the appeal in fashion be if we only had shades of grey?

It would all be drab and lifeless…like living in District 11 of the Hunger Games. Oh, no thank you. No disrespect to District 11, as they were quite wonderful, but I just prefer my life in color. Maybe not the over-the-top color of the Hunger Games’ Capitol, but somewhere in the middle.

To me, color is just not a visually appealing thing. There is so much more. Color defines things. It gives them meaning and feeling and power. Without the color in the sunset, I think I would not appreciate the majesty. I would miss the slow ending of the day as it melts into the night. The glory of another opportunity to live would just be lost in a colorless sunrise. Just watch Pocahontas. She totally embraces the color of life.

Like Pocahontas, color stops me. It makes me pay attention to it. Therefore, it centers me into my present moment. It forces me to appreciate that moment and embrace it. And for all that it’s worth, those moments are the ones that truly matter. We cannot change our past and we can only imagine our future. But in those present moments, we have power. We can control our thoughts, our actions, our plans. In the present, we can learn to deal with our past, make plans for our future, and just embrace the the now. The present has power. So, I recommend we all stop and notice the color in it…and feel it. And it you don’t like picture your seeing…Well, in the present moments of life, you have the power to break out your color pencils and start drawing a new scene. Color yourself into a better picture in the future.





For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro.

Finding the glory of ordinary

I find that almost anything can be photographed. It just takes a little imagination and a variety of perspectives.

Take this ring holder. It may be bedazzaled with some fake bling and fairly cute. However, to get interesting photos of it, I had to move around.

I once had a photography mentor who said, “Think about what most people would do to take a picture of something. Then, do the opposite.”

Trying to live up to that all the time is hard though. I am sure I am not completely original all the time. But that is ok too. My goal is not to be the most quirky, unique photographer in the world. Sure, I would love to photograph exotic places and stunningly gorgeous people. However, for now, I just want to develop my skills each day so that I can make the ordinary interesting, the bland compelling and the pretty extraordinary.


Then one day, if I happen to run into a batch of super human people who defy the normal bounds of beauty in some stunningly exotic paradise…I will be ready. But until then, I can find enough beauty right here in my life:)


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White


Thankful for Life

No call at 2:30 a.m. is good. Ever. As soon as I saw that my ex was calling at that hour, my heart stopped. I feared the worst, but fortunately, the bad news was good, considering other possible outcomes.

It was an Army style conversation basically: BLUF for Bottom Line Up Front. Our daughter’s apartment was on fire, but she got out and is safe.

The brief call put me into action. It was time to move. So my boyfriend and I raced over to her apartment, which is fortunately in the same town. There stood my daughter, my son, their dad and my daughter’s roommate, shivering in strangers’ blankets in shoes, watching an inferno. The flames were roaring and there was nothing we could all do but stand back and watch the girls lose everything they owned


In one breath, I was hurting for my baby girl and her friend. They were in shock, just standing there. Helpless. All of their belongs turning into ash right before them. Grandmother’s ring, melted. Grandpa’s cufflinks, gone. Treasured pictures of former pets, burnt. Wonderful tokens of love from their college boyfriends, erased. All their sorority sister memorabilia, ash. Every piece of clothing, minus the sleeping shorts and t-shirts they ran out with, dust. Their new kitchen table and couch, rubble.

But no tears fell. We all just stood there thankful…because we also knew, we were the luckiest people ever.

My daughter and her friend escaped with nothing, but yet everything. They were able to wake up to the smell of smoke and run out. No shoes, no jackets, just their fearful minds and broken hearts made it outside. (With some luck of fortune, my daughter did stumble upon her purse as she ran to the door, so she at least had her IDs.) They may have nothing, but we still had them. They were alive and all else could be replaced, or at least remembered fondly.

I thank God that he protected the girls and led them to safety. I thanked God for the kindness of their fellow neighbors who were handing out water and shoes and blankets to the girls. It was a beautiful moment that gave me hope in the kindness of people. It is still out there. Thank God.

So as the walls of her home burned, we all hugged and chatted and thanked God that the fire only took “stuff.”  The girls were alive and well. That was the most important thing of all.

So as the sun rose and the flames fell, the rubble stood calling out a message… With God and each other, we can overcome all.



For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.

Note: I did NOT take these photos, but I felt compelled to share them with my story. I hope that is ok and thank you for letting me vent.

For those of you who may be interested, one of their sorority sister’s set up a GoFundMe page for them. You can find it here.

And you can see my baby girl on the news. I wish it was not for such a tragic event, but at least she is alive to tell her story.

Dozens Left Homeless After Apartment Fire



Midlife Crisis or Rediscovered Independence Car?

Life has been pretty hectic these days. I have been busy balancing my two jobs, a wonderful new relationship and moving into my first “all mine” new house. I admit, I feel like I am drinking from a fire hose these days and literally fall into bed some days. The past few months are a blur, there are still boxes all around my house and I don’t see any signs of it slowing down. However, I don’t think I would change a thing.

With all of these changes, I realize that I am transforming into who I should have been all along. I am finding passion in life. I am discovering joy in simple things. I am becoming more independent. I am starting to see my dreams become reality. And finally, I am able to enjoy the fruits of being a responsible bill payer and frugal shopper. With a great credit score and low debt, I was able to qualify for zero percent financing on a new discounted 2015 car, a sexy Mustang at that!

This new ride is not only a symbol of my independence, but the excitement I feel about the direction of my life. I spent too many years being sad and putting off what I wanted. I pushed aside my dreams for others or because they didn’t seem to benefit others. Slowly, I started to forget what I liked. I was a zombie in life.

So say goodbye to the zombie years! I am ready to transform, to follow the course of human nature as we age. Isn’t it common to appreciate more as we get older? Don’t most people want to improve themselves overtime? Do we really get too old to have fun? The Happy Hugger wrote about this topic just the other day and it got me thinking. Am I having a ‘midlife crisis’ or something? I thought long and hard. No, I am not in a crisis. I am in a rediscovery. If I were in a crisis, I would not be happy. If I were in a crisis, I would not be stable. If I were in a crisis, I could not handle decisions. If I were in a crisis, I would not be able to balance my hectic life. Therefore, I scoff at the ‘midlife’ crisis theory and agree with Hope…”we’re never too old to get a new snazzy car. We are never to old to fall in love. We are never too old to find our soul mate.”

With that all said, I think I will go drive around in my new snazzy Mustang with my amazing boyfriend. Who knows where we will end up? But one thing is for sure, we will get there in style:)


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature.

(It may be a wide interpretation, but my ‘nature’ is the human nature of self discovery,

which is symbolized by my new Mustang.)

If you are willing to look at some quick ads from the dealer, you could even help me pay for my first payment! If I get 125 “SPAQ” clicks, the first payment is on Ford. So click away and check out the new Fords:) And FYI for those economy conscious folks, my 2015 4-cyclinder turbo Ecoboost engine gets 32 MPG on the highway! So it is sexy AND practical AND affordable (cheaper than my Jetta was actually)! I call that a win, win, win!

God’s Message on Finding Love

I know you wonder, is this real?
Just trust me more and
Allow yourself to feel.
No longer do you have to hold.
The feelings inside you
That were turning cold.
And look around to see
That I am giving you all
That you asked of me.
All that you have to give.
For I gave you talents
And a passion, to really live.
Feel the joy I bestow to you.
For it’s only a small hint
Of a deep love that’s true.
Go and tell your story.
Don’t hold back from
Expressing this glory.
It is what you will share.
You will let others know,
It is OK to dare.
The dreams of your night.
For sometimes it is how
I speak, and give you my sight.
You’ve had it, and now I bless.
No longer do you have to
Exist alone, and in distress.
See each moment, find its treasure.
For I have filled the world
For man’s endless pleasure.
Embrace the passion in your heart.
For it is how I made you
From the very start.
Each day like it is your last.
Share my blessings
And you’ll forget your past.
All the things you wanted before
Are no longer in the future…
Wait and see what’s in store.