The 4th, the Flag and Freedom

I see your stars and I know you have cried
For those who have fought through tears and died.

Your blue runs like the blood in our veins.
While the red has flowed, leaving its stains.

Your white is pure, like a fresh new start.
For all those who sacrifice with an honest heart.

I remember the faces of our long painful past.
I promise to honor you and the legacy you cast.

You will not be forgotten or pushed to the side.
For you died with honor in all that you tried.

It’s not just for Soldiers who have fought in the wars.
Heroes are policemen, teachers and leaders and more.

For it takes more than an Army to build a great country.
It takes a community to make it reality.

So together we stand, or together we fall.
I just hope for our colors, we give it our all.