All Stretched Out

Simba, my spoiled cat, heard about Tummy Rub Tuesdays and Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. He has started to pose all over the house lately. Or…maybe he has just been partying all night and needs the rest. Hhhhmmmm?

Either way, here is his pose for this week’s submission for both Katzenworld’s and Hope* The Happy Hugger’s pages.

Simba paws

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Simba’s Serious Look

My cat Simba is very lucky. He was born in Ohio and on the path of becoming a barn cat. Not a bad life, but definitely not the life of luxury he has now in Georgia. So, instead of long, cold winters of hunting in the north, he gets to lounge around a house and yard in the south.

Yet, when you look at his dramatic picture, you would think he was abused and neglected. Perhaps I should hire him out for those commercials?


I know he is not showing his tummy here, but I could not resist submitting this for Tummy Rub Tuesday at Katzenworld! Plus, I need to start marketing him for commercials, don’t I? A talent for such expression should not be wasted!

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