I don’t care

I don’t care about your anger.  I don’t care about your pain. For if I listen, I might go insane. 

I don’t care about your problems. I don’t care about your blame. For what I know, you run this game. 

I don’t care about your mistreatment. I don’t care about your tears.  For if you share them, I’ll know your fears. 

Don’t call me rude. There’s just nothing to see. And I just don’t have time…to listen to me. 

I’m too busy living, and learning to smile. All those bad times, must go in the file. 

I don’t have the time, to dwell on the woes. For happiness is taken in between blows. 

Focus on the good. And learn from the bad. Because life’s too short, to always be mad.


(Sorry for the formatting but I cannot make these random airport thoughts look nice on the mobile app.) 

Smile airport people-smile:) 

A Little Mud Present

This weekend is my boyfriend’s 50th birthday. No one ever likes to turn 50 I think. So, to make it a little fun, we kicked the weekend off with a little mud obstacle course race. Running through the mud and climbing over walls has to make anyone feel young again, right? 

Well, that was the plan anyway, but I’ll let you know how young we feel in the morning:)  

Christmas is Here

Christmas Eve and Christmas were a little different this year. The kids are older and were making their rounds to other parts of the family, so I had Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to myself. Therefore, I decided to use them wisely.

The much-desired white Christmas did not come. Instead it was replaced with a wet Christmas, a very wet one. So, on Christmas Eve, I ran around taking pictures of the growing water levels of a nearby river, ate a Mexican lunch with my boyfriend and then went home into a dessert-making/present wrapping mania.

Christmas morning I slept in for hours. It was a beautiful rare thing. By early afternoon I was cooking and prepping for dinner guests. We ate, drank and opened presents that evening and it was perfect. Though things are changing with time, I am realizing, life is still wonderful. It is just a different version of wonderful and that makes me smile:)

Here are a few pictures for you all to enjoy…


For more pictures of the flooding, stay tuned to my photography page, Michelle Lunato Photograpy. I will be posting some pictures there soon. There are a few up on my Instagram right now though.