Wednesday’s Word: Through

I believe words mean something. They have power. Words are what give us connection, empathy, passion and power. They help us understand one another.

In my efforts to start back on a blogging schedule and search the vast corners of the earth for more words that move me, I am going to start a Wednesday Word.

I will post a word, quote, phrase or who knows what else that moves me, inspires me, enrages me or more. I may comment on it. Or perhaps I will not. Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic too.

So here goes, the first Wednesday Word is:

“The best way out is always through.” ~ Robert Frost


This quote gives me hope. It reminds me that the only way I will end some pain, some sadness, some struggle is to work my way through it. If I stay consumed with whatever is holding me back, I will stay there. I will wallow in it. I allow myself to be the victim and my suffering/struggle/sadness will never end. Of course, not all problems can be “ended” completely. You cannot completely fix or end the grief of losing a loved one. You cannot cure a disabling injuring. You cannot undo abuses already put upon you. No, sadly nothing we can do can fix, end, or get us out of those past situations.

However, we have the power to get through them. We have the power to choose how we survive. We can lay down in defeat and let the world run us into the ground. We can keep being the victim. We can drink or drug ourselves into numbness. We can give up. But we can also choose more for ourselves. We can start a new day, each and every day. We can have hope. We can eat better, exercise more and think positive. We can be kind. We can make a plan to improve ourselves, our situations, or our responses. It may not be easy, but we can find a way through the bad and into a better place, a nicer place and into a new normal.

So work through your life, and you will find your way out and into the new light of hope, love and freedom from what holds you back.



Dark days

everything you touch

tarnishes when brought to light

I miss decency






Trance of Hate

He wakes up so angry

at those he does not know.


They haven’t done anything to him,

But still his hatred grows.


He thinks he’s somehow better,

than all not like him.


It’s a shame he cannot see

that he’s in a trance of sin.


Fight! Fight like hell.

But fight your hate inside.


Learn to see what you were told

Was nothing, but a bunch of lies.


No one is better

and no one is worse.


The hate you feel inside

is nothing but a curse.

Deep inside you want something

but hate can never fill.

Turn to God’s love and peace

and not your arrogant will.


For the Daily Post ~ Trance.

Stop the hate. Learn to love. It feels better.


You don’t represent me

With the ugliness in the news of hate groups, Nazis, white supremacists, neo-Nazis and whatever else these folks want to call themselves, I needed to vent. As a white, Christian woman, you do not represent me. As someone who deployed for our freedom, you do not represent me. As an American, you do not represent me. As a human being with common sense, integrity, honor, morals and love, you do not represent me. However, I will not hate you. I will not lower myself to that level. I will pray for your empty hearts. I will speak up against hate. I will find ways to make a difference and spread love and tolerance.


You may look like me, but we are not the same.

Hate and arrogance are the rules to your game.

You think you are better, when really you’re not.

Your heart is black and your soul’s all rot.

I don’t know how, you got this way.

Maybe nobody every loved you, in a special way.

Maybe you’re scared those different than you,

Are really more superior than you can ever do.

So you bash those who have different skin and church

When you crawl out of those dark places from where you lurch.

You disgrace the flag some of us fought to defend.

And you sound so ignorant spouting your sin.

Your skin doesn’t make you superior to none.

And you’re only brave in groups with a gun.

But deep inside I think you’re lonely and sad.

I suppose that’s why, you’re always so mad.

I’ll pray that you find some peace and sight.

To look in the mirror and see…

God taught us to love,

and what you’re doing is NOT right.



Stop the hate. Make a difference and spread love. ~ Nato