Random airport thoughts

So I took my first work trip since March of 2020. And as I sit here at the airport waiting for my flight, here are my random thoughts:

  • Why do people put their phones on speaker and talk loudly around others? I mean I get that you might have to have a conversation, but on speaker?
  • Do people really not comprehend that wearing a mask UNDER their noses is not effective? Or are they just being defiant? Lazy? Sloppy? I really want to know.
  • When there is a literal world pandemic and you still cannot bother more than one second of water (and hopefully, maybe some soap) on your hands after using the bathroom…I may have seen patient zero at the airport bathroom.
  • Why do some people still not see that literally breaking into the Capitol with tactical gear as a problem? I truly am confused on this? It seems pretty obvious to me that this is a bad thing. Yet some folks are seemingly ok, if not in full support of this.
  • Why does nearly everything on the Cheesecake Factory menu have to be like 1200 calories. (I had a gift card to use.) Why are portions so big now? Is there anywhere in the world that you can get a reasonable portion, of healthy food when you travel?
  • I realized that I have missed my camera, the act of taking photos, the joy of being creative.
  • I also realized that in the process of working so much I have become stressed, cubby and slightly sad. I need to regain motivation, movement and creativity in my life.
  • I have to admit, that the hardest thing about wearing a mask for a long period of time is admitting that my breath is that bad thing I smell. If you don’t experience this, you must be a magical creature, constantly brush your teeth or lying.

Well, time to board my plane. I hope you enjoyed some random thoughts. Have you had similar?

15 thoughts on “Random airport thoughts

  1. You and I are on the same wavelength on pretty much everything here. I especially don’t understand the speak phone thing in public. My husband like to have his phone on speaker all the time, although he wouldn’t in public. Drives me crazy even in private, but if that’s his worst problem, I’m blessed. 🙂

    Nice to hear from you again and hopefully flying will be fairly safe again at some point this year. I’m ready to travel. I don’t mind driving either but that doesn’t work for overseas. 🙂


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        • I am hanging in there, barely. Work has been very aggressive, dad is sick, horse has to be put down, and I’ve just gained more weight…but, I am getting by through it all. You?


              • Just came back to re-read your post. I’ve been saddened by the lack of civility (at best) and outright heinous behavior (at worst) that seemed to intensify during Covid. Attacking flight attendants or servers or anyone isn’t ever ok. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t fly. Easy peasy. Even our NextDoor app, which is supposed to bring neighbors together, is often like or worse than Facebook (which I thankfully gave up well before the last election.) People seem to think that anonymity makes any sort of nastiness just fine.

                I encourage you get your camera out, start taking care of yourself by eating well/exercising/taking a bit of time here and there to relax, give up the news at least mostly, and stay in touch with friends and family. And don’t forget some of us are just a comment away.


                • Yes, these last few years have brought out, or maybe just displayed, an ugly selfish side of humans, especially here is the US. It’s sad, frustrating and embarrassing. I’ve always thought, and pretty sure it’s in one of the military tactics on warfare…the best way to destroy your enemy is to let them destroy themselves. So far, I’d say we are doing a pretty good job at making ourselves a hot mess.

                  Yes, I need to do all of what you just said and get out of this rut because I feel sad, angry, hopeless and no fun to be around.


  2. I have many of the same thoughts. Talking on the speaker phone drives me crazy, my cleaning lady actually did that today on two calls. Masks not covering your nose, you just as well not wear one. I feel like if one of the house or senate members had been injured or worse people would be more enraged. There is no excuse for what happened.

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    • Yes, so many odd things that really make me wonder about the sanity of the masses, or at least some of the masses. It’s mind boggling how and what some folks find ok or can rationalize.


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