Hello again. Is there hope?

I know it has been two years since I last wrote a post. And in that year, I only did two posts entirely.

I have missed blogging. Of course, I am not sure anyone missed my blog, but that is ok. I started it years ago to feed my desire to write and be creative. If one person liked it along the way, that’s was a plus. (To that one-hello! How have you been?)

Anyway, today is more wandering thought than creativity. I am sitting at the airport. And of course, while I wait, I am people watching.

I used to travel for work nearly every month, which eventually just ruined my free time and creativity to write on my own blog. Then, COVID struck and I thought, oh I can write now. However, my work became even more time consuming, just from home.

I am flying today, not for work, but a friend’s wedding. Not just any friend though, it’s a friend that I deployed to Iraq with back in 2005. And two other girls from that deployment will be there too. So, even though flying during a pandemic is not ideal, it’s really important. Therefore, I sit. All sanitized. Wearing a mask. And trying to avoid proximity to others.

I cannot lie. It feels different. First, the parking areas at the airport were EMPTY. We were able to drive right up to the parking garage lot. I swear I didn’t notice one car in the Park-n-ride lots that lined the airport road. That was the first majorly different thing. Then, inside the airport there are signs and stickers all over the floor, reminding people to distance and wear their masks. Of course, there are those who don’t pay attention, listen or care. Who knows which reason they are not following directions.

This got me thinking. Having been around the Army for a bit, I am used to following directions. I am used to going the better-safe-than-sorry route. So, it boggles my mind daily when I see and watch people. They argue about wearing masks. They argue about distancing. They argue about everything.

I just don’t get it. Is wearing a mask really impeding on your rights? Heck, I don’t like them either. They are hot. They make my glasses fog up. They are itchy. They don’t look good… and the list goes on. However, if this is one thing I can do to help others not get sick, not get sick myself or just show that I care about people other than myself, I will do it. What’s the big deal already?

And let’s just say, that those scientist people know some things and this mask thing can help. (I know this is a reach for some. But let’s throw out this hypothetical situation.) So IF they do help stop the spread and we all wear them, I have come to the conclusion, there may still be no hope this will get under control.

My lack of hope in improvement is not due to lack of belief in science. It is due to the lack of hope in humans to wear a mask properly. As I sit here, there are masks on most people. Yet, at least a third of them have no idea on how to wear them, or chose to make a statement by not wearing them correctly. Some have them only covering their mouths. Others have them on their chins…protecting who knows what. Others are fancy and wear them like an earring. And then, there are the special ones who won’t wear them at all.

If getting this thing under control relies on people doing something as simple as wearing a mask, I am concerned.

Well, it’s almost time to take my flight. Stay safe out there folks and hang in there. And, can someone please give me a reason to have some hope? It doesn’t look very good right now.

9 thoughts on “Hello again. Is there hope?

  1. Nice to see you back. First of all, safe travels and have a wonderful time. Secondly, I too wondered why it’s so difficult for many to wear masks. I call it a first world problem. But as Dan said, there are a lot of good people out there and lots of good things going on as well as all the bad. So there’s certainly hope.


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    • I just saw a sign showing all the ways not to wear your mask. I may need to go back and get a picture of it as it’s just so funny, and yet sad. I’m trying to not lose my hope but it’s getting more and more difficult. Maybe that’s just a sign of aging.

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      • I’d use the quote “These are the times that try men’s souls”, but someone would probably accuse me of being anti-women. That’s how ridiculous things have gotten and there are unfortunately too many things going on now that are terrible. Yet there is always hope.


        • So true. I feel like no matter what is said anymore, someone will get upset. It is hard to envision what it will take to bring people together again. Or, perhaps I am naively thinking we were ever really ‘together.’ Hope. Hope. Hope. I will keep chanting it until it grows in my heart more. Deep down, my head knows its there. It’s just pretty deep right now.


  2. I have missed your posts and actually was thinking of you not that long ago when looking through the list of blogs I follow. Welcome back!! I am right in there with you with not understanding why people find it so difficult to wear a mask. If all the doctors, scientists and government officials had been on the same page from the beginning and said masks are mandatory we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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