I don’t care

I don’t care about your anger.  I don’t care about your pain. For if I listen, I might go insane. 

I don’t care about your problems. I don’t care about your blame. For what I know, you run this game. 

I don’t care about your mistreatment. I don’t care about your tears.  For if you share them, I’ll know your fears. 

Don’t call me rude. There’s just nothing to see. And I just don’t have time…to listen to me. 

I’m too busy living, and learning to smile. All those bad times, must go in the file. 

I don’t have the time, to dwell on the woes. For happiness is taken in between blows. 

Focus on the good. And learn from the bad. Because life’s too short, to always be mad.


(Sorry for the formatting but I cannot make these random airport thoughts look nice on the mobile app.) 

Smile airport people-smile:) 

5 thoughts on “I don’t care

    • I agree. Life can kick you sometimes. But we have a choice whine and then move on or just whine and stay a victim forever. I don’t have time to be a victim or complain for too long. I wasted enough on all that. Now, I need to dust myself off, regroup and figure out what’s next if something doesn’t work. Life is too dang short for me to complain all day. And frankly, who wants to hear all that from me anyhow?

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