Bubbles of character

Look within.

Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up,

if thou wilt ever dig.

~Marcus Aurelius~

The other day I was making some infused water. As I was mixing the sparkling water with my ingredients, I started to watch the bubbles. It was so interesting to see them pop up and work their way around the fruit and rosemary that I started to take a few iPhone macro shots for Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge (Macro).

As I watched the bubbles, it oddly got me thinking about character.

I wholeheartedly believe that people will show their true character. They may try to conceal it, but if we watch closely, we will see it. Unfortunately though, many of us choose to ignore it.

We make excuses for them or deny what we see or hear. We so badly want to believe that our image of them is correct. However, when someone has bad character, it generally bubbles up here and there. We just need to see, and acknowledge, those bubbles before they pop.

Of course, good character bubbles up too.

So I guess the important thing to decide on is: what kind of bubbles are coming up?


For Sally D’s Mobile Phoneography Challenge ~ Macro.

5 thoughts on “Bubbles of character

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