I drink in your lies

Swallowing them with pain

The longer I stay with you

The more I feel insane


My words do not matter

They fall to the floor in waste

I stand before you trembling

Waiting, in timid haste


I want you to love me

Like I loved you in the start

But you continue to stab

Every damn bit of my heart


But I don’t really quit

And I continue to wait

For I hope and I dream

That maybe, just maybe…

it is not too late


For all those who lived a one-sided love at one point in their lives.

2 thoughts on “Unrequited

    • It is sad to think there is no hope for love. Of course, maybe there is no hope with one person in reality, but I like to think there is always hope out there somewhere. When we lose hope, it is a sad day.

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