Finding Karma is Not Such a Bitch

Fate, karma, and destiny all have similar meanings to me. Essentially, it is the belief that there is a force bringing you around to where you need to be. So regardless of what paths you chose on your journey in life, you will eventually get to where you need to be, where you belong, assuming you are a good person.

I find this idea intriguing and the longer I live, I find validity in it. Let me explain.

First, no matter what word I use above, they all represent some form of God to me. Fate is God’s path for his people. He designs us from birth: our parents, our abilities, and the location of our birth. Then He creates situations for us to excel in and allows us to meet certain people.

Karma is God’s reaction to people’s choice of those paths. When He sees that we are on the wrong path, I believe He redirects us, offering us another chance to get it right. Some of us chose well. Some of us don’t.

When He sees that we are acting poorly, He provides us opportunities to see the light and be humbled. Again, we can chose to be good or evil. Then sometimes, bad things just happen, not because we are being punished, but because it may be someone else’s path and/or there is a lesson for us to learn.

Destiny, is God’s calling for us. He gives us special talents and lays options at our feet to choose. He speaks to us through our hopes and desires. When we feel compelled to do certain things and are passionate about stuff, those tend to be the things we are good at. This is all a simplistic view on life per say, but it makes sense to me. So it is my story, and I am sticking to it.

When I read the Daily Post’s article on The Red Thread, it seemed in line with this thought. Basically, the Red Thread is the belief that you are destined to be with one person, a soul mate. And through a string of events, you will find them. That made made me think about my life today and the man I am dating.

We grew up in different states and were both married for over 20 years. So the odds of meeting were pretty low. But over the years, our marriages both fell apart. We regrouped and moved on, both on our separate paths. Yet, somehow here we are dating, after a blind date too. After several discussions, we realized there were a lot of interesting facts that tie us together, even before we met.

As an Army Reserve Soldier, I have been to a lot of states. Several years ago, I wound up settling in Georgia for a bit with my then-husband. While in this town, I made friends naturally. I worked. I bought a horse. I tried new activities. Basically, I lived. Funny thing though, many of these activities surrounded this stranger who I seemed destined to meet.

Of course, we would only realize these things after meeting and being together for some time. None of the factors are really big or telling in them self, but when added together, they make us wonder…

  • My previous Army Reserve position was in a town a few hours away from where we both currently live. After meeting, we went to that town to meet a military friend of mine and he was like, “Hey, I used to work in this town for years, and right down the street!” Hhhmm. So did I, but during a different time period.
  • The golf course where he works is the same golf course I took a women’s golf clinic at a few years ago. And oddly, I only took the clinic due to my then-husband’s prompting. Ironically, I wound up liking it though. It is also the same course where my son took some lessons. (There are several other courses in the areas to chose from though.)
  • My neighbors, who I became close friends with, all knew this man and had regular dealings with him. Yet, I never came across him.
  • One of the pastor’s at my church is the son of a religious leader at his temple.
  • We both ran in the same half marathon for a few years, running the same route, and never meeting. (He is faster than me though, lol.)
  • One of his employee’s was the husband of a woman who boarded her horse at the same barn where my horse was moved to.(They are the ones who talked us into the the blind date actually.)
  • For years he has volunteered to help on the military base where I work.
  • I moved to state only because of my then-husband and just decided to stay after my divorce.
  • He moved to the state, and then our specific town, for a job and remained after his divorce.

Alone, none of these facts seem important, much less compelling. However, when combined, it makes us laugh and wonder at the very least. For years, we had been circling each other. Maybe we even passed each other on the street, the course, the race path. It is not a huge town by any means, but it is not that small either. So the ‘small town, everyone-knows-everyone’ factor cannot really apply here. As a matter of fact, the daughter of his close friends graduated in the same class with my son just last year. However, they didn’t even know each other in the class of over 500 students.

No matter how you look at it, the end result is the same. We met each other by both reluctantly accepting a blind date. And that was after our mutual friends asked us both several times over a period of a year. Their relentless requests for us to meet, finally combined with the timing of our lives.

The fact that our blind date went so effortless and we are still together after a year now is really quite unusual. It makes me believe in fairy tales, fate, destiny…karma.

And I think, karma is not such a bitch after all when you trying to be a good person. As a matter of fact, Karma can be a dear friend.


For the Daily Post’s Red Thread.

Note: I started this post in November of 2015 and never finished it. While looking through my drafts, I found it and decided to finish it up. It called to me again for some reason, so here it is. 🙂

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