Food. Food. Glorious Food.

I can’t lie. I adore food, and maybe a little too much. I like trying new foods to eat nearly as much as  I like trying a new recipes to create. Food brings me happiness and comfort all while providing sustenance. It really is quite amazing in its versatility.

Think about all the places and occasions you see food. Parties always have fun. People bring over food when they visit someone grieving over a loved one’s death. There are countless restaurants in towns. Birthday’s and weddings must have some form of cake. Conferences are deemed good or bad in part depending on the break snacks provided. Even exercise/weight loss sector is full of healthy recipes, smoothies and portion containers. Let’s face it, food surrounds nearly every nook and cranny of our culture.

I think Elsa Schiaparelli summed up food importance the best.


“Eating is not merely a material pleasure.

Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life

and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship.

It is of great importance to the morale.”

~ Elsa Schiaparelli~

Her quote is so on point. I look around my life and see, I feel the same way. I get joy out of baking and cooking new things. I make my boyfriend smoothies or lunches a few times during the week. My dad and I are growing a garden and canning some of our first year crops. I discuss healthy eating with my fitness friends. I think my commissary sushi is a wonderful treat and reward.

So, in honor of glorious food, here are some iPhone shots of some recent food in my life.

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Now, look around your life, where does for rate? What joy does it bring you?


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.

4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Panorama, Portraiture, Photomontage, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel).



19 thoughts on “Food. Food. Glorious Food.

  1. I love food and generally enjoy cooking. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve run out of ideas, although I have zillions of cookbooks. Have to take the time choose a new recipe or two for each week. Great to see that you’re canning.


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    • I hear ya. Sometimes, I go through times where I feel like I make the same things. And well, there are some staple favorites and easy go-tos. And of course there are days where I don’t want to cook, let alone remain awake, lol. However, more often than now, I enjoy it. I totally understand the lack of ideas and tons of cookbooks. Sometimes I resort to printing a recipe off the internet and then I have a stack of papers of recipes…that may very well be in some of those cook books.


  2. I’m ready to eat all the time. Any time. When I am hungry at 10pm and my wife says it’s not healthy to eat so close to bedtime, I stay up later! 🙂

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  3. P.S.: Your pictures/food looks delicious…
    I always thought it is very kind of people to bring food as some kind of condolence. Unfortunately it was never the case where I grew up! Or maybe it is not a common thing in big cities?

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    • Thank you. I haven’t been to a ton of funeral/wakes to see it. However, the few I was, there was so much food. And it makes sense. If you are traumatized and sad, you probably are not concerned with cooking. I think its a nice gesture for sure. I guess I can’t say about cities. I have never really lived in a big one.

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  4. Here in our household I have to trick my family into healthy eating. I always have to hide most of the veg somehow!
    If I wouldn’t have a cookbook or my two favourite websites, I would probably poison the whole family-
    I am a terrible cook and I don’t like recipes with 3 thousand ingredients, but I love to eat and I love it even more since I am fully vegan.
    My friend recently said and I quote
    “I can’t believe how someone can eat that much when on the hoof… I am jealous as there is nothing on her!!!”
    When we did a 33km race through Swaledale, she couldn’t believe how much I have eaten during our run!!!
    Can’t wait for October:
    Vegan fair in York….awwwww my belly will be so so happy!

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    • I didn’t used to be a good cook either but I kept trying. Poor family, lol But I got some things better and now have some favorites. My kids even demand certain meals…usually not the healthy ones! I bet you can eat more vegan things than those fats sugars and meats…but I can’t lie, I LOVE sugar. And a slow thyroid is certainly no help at all! Vegan fair? Awesome! Sounds fun and yummy.


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  6. Yes, some people live to eat, and others eat to live. But the pure joy of growing, cooking and then enjoying the creation is the best. As a vegetarian, I’m pleased that you had such bounty from your newly-planted garden. Great job. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    • I have been enjoying my garden indeed. Thanks to my dad’s daily watering of course! In between my two jobs and mandatory exercising for the military job, the garden may not have survived if it depending only on me! We just planted a “fall crop” to replace the veggies that were all done growing for the summer. So, this first year has been great and we learned a few things to improve on for next year. The other day I went out there and picked some items for dinner and that was awesome. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!


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