Nature of Love

Earlier, I posted how my boyfriend and I created a bird bath out of an old Dish Network satellite in my yard. The other day, he was looking at the art/nature project we did together and apparently got inspired. He said, as he stood there and looked at how the Mandevilla has progressed and twisted up the pole to bloom, he thought of our relationship.

So while I sat there editing blog photos, he was writing….something. I wondered what he was working on so diligently, but I didn’t ask. We just smiled at each other occasionally when we looked up from our projects. Then, he showed me. It was a poem about me-us-our blossoming love. (Yeah, he is pretty darn wonderful.)

With his blessing, I thought I would share it for today’s nature theme in Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge. Because what is more natural than reclaimed resources, growing flowers and blossoming love?

So here is our joint submission: my iPhone picture and his poem. (And now you can see how the Mandevilla is growing since my last post too.)



looking at it reminds me of You, Always just Right

during the day, or during the night, even if the birds have taken flight

full of creativity and passion, with a slight touch of spirit and fight

serenity so beautiful, it makes me yearn for the delight

thank you for making my Life, Always just Right!


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature.

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