What I learned from a lizard

I thought it was time to revisit my little lizard friend. In my original post, I posted a few pics and mentioned the Camera+ app that I used to capture this brave little lizard who let me photograph it for several minutes.

For this post, other than showing you a few different pictures (that I adjusted for fun in Photoshop), I wanted to mention the magic of nature.

In this simple moment, I was able to really see the details of the lizard who just stared at me nearly as intently. We looked at each other with such interest…or perhaps it was frozen in fear from my presence?

Either way, it was a glimpse into the world around me, and the world of my back yard. For that short time, my mind stopped thinking about my to-do lists, the problems of the world, the stress of issues and the annoying nonstop thoughts racing through my brain. It was just me and this lizard. I could see its color, texture, form. It looked so regal perched upon the leaves overlooking the backyard, and from the lizard’s point of view, must have looked like its own country. I noticed the shadows on the leaf as I moved to another perspective. When I did that though, the lizard moved to watch me. He curiously peered over the leaf down at me.

I can’t lie. I giggled at that moment. Yep. I was the girl giggling in her yard over a lizard’s curious stare….and I didn’t even care. As a matter of fact, I wished everyone could stop to do it. I wish the world could stop the hate, the judgement, the hectic pace of life. I wish they could stop, just for one moment a day, to see that there is more to the world then them. There is more to the world than stuff, power, and position. There is more to the world than themselves, and that only together can we grow. Only together can there be harmony.

I learned all this from my lizard encounter merely because I took the time to stop and notice the magic of God’s glorious natural world. I’d say it was worth my time indeed.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Challenger’s Choice (Nature/Editing Process)


5 thoughts on “What I learned from a lizard

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  2. Michelle, I think you are so right. We should declare the day before election day, “Spend an afternoon in nature day.” Not the mountains, not the big waves crashing against the rocks, not the sunset. Something small and grand. Like a lizard. Humming birds, finches, sea shells. Get down on the ground and watch the ants. Prepare ourselves for a calm and reflective moment in the voting booths.

    Thanks for the introduction to the lizard.

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    • Great idea! From the looks of the elections process so far, we could use the calm. I am not a political person and don’t even claim one party or another. And this craziness is stressing. I hope our nation can stop the madness thinking, pause and come together. Our world is so wonderful. I just hope we don’t destroy it while we seem hellbent on destroying each other. I will have to visit my lizard more often:) It seems to be a good teacher.

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