Journey to War

Each day there is something sad in the world:political insanity, terrorist acts, senseless acts of violence, cruelty, gross misunderstandings…..The list goes on and on. These countless tragic events shade my normally happy outlook on life. Therefore, this is a poem for that.


Fights and anger, turn into war

Yet everyone’s side, has the same score

Violence breeds violence, or so I’ve seen

I don’t get it and I don’t want to be mean

I want us to come together, like God planned

But we continue to divide…I don’t understand

Our Nation of ours is filled with such turmoil

Its building and building and it’s about to boil

From terrorism to politics to the division of race

All I can do is pray, as tears run down my face


For The Daily Prompt ~ Journey.

8 thoughts on “Journey to War

    • Me too. I try to stay up on current events because it of work, and just plain old awareness. And I know there is good out there in the world and it the nature of news to show the bad, different, and odd. However, it can seem so overwhelming at times. I am not sure how we are suppose to stop, or help, with problems outside our country when we seem to be such a hot mess ourselves…and on so many levels and issues. And how does the average person help? I guess the best way is with kindness and respect to each other…and prayers.

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      • I think your last line is all we can do. We are so divided here. I hope it will get better soon and that something more drastic won’t happen to right the balance. Nature has a way of righting things sometimes through us or around us.

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        • I hope so Laura. It’s very worrisome indeed. I don’t disagree that there are still some racists out there. There is a real threat of terrorists. And our politicians, at least the ones in the news, seem to spend more time slandering each other than talking about actions. But, I like to believe we are still better off than we were generations ago. I hope and pray, like you, things will find a peaceful forward movement of progress for all people. But…you can never make everyone happy. So if we comprise and make one happy, then another has to comprised to be happy too. I just wonder if some folks can be happy with that. Lord help us to not self destruct.

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          • Oh I wasn’t talking about racists…just in general. I kind of disagree that we’re better off. Money and corruption has taken over in business, government, personal lives, etc. Until we see that we are imbalanced and need a bit more compassion and kindness, I feel we will continue slipping down the road of happiness and spiritual growth.

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            • I was lumping all the world’s problems…I know, that is a lot! I think part of me agrees with you. I just keep telling myself, we have to be better off. Maybe if I say it enough, I will believe it? And yes, until we ALL find love and compassion, and that’s for ALL things, we will slip. I’m so tired of dishonest, manipulative, crooked, evil and hateful people. They really suck. Thanks for the discussion Laura. It’s nice to vent with others and get their perspective too. It also let’s me know-there are still good folks out there, and while there are – there is still hope!

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