Death over a Drink

Last week, four of us Army Reserve ladies had a reunion. We were all deployed together in Iraq back in 2005-2006. Time has passed and things have changed since then. We all live in different states now. Our lives have changed dramatically. We are different people in many ways and yet, still the same women who really got to know each other at war. However, despite the changes and years, we have stayed in touch. Some years more. Others years less.

Needless to say, we are still friends. Last year we got together in Jamaica when one of the girls got married. The other two had just gotten married in the two years prior and trips were made then too. Now, I am dating someone wonderful too and they joke how there needs to be another destination wedding soon. (One step at a time there ladies, lol.) So naturally, what do four women in love do…we sat around talking about our loves, lives and work. The highlight and main attraction though was to visit with one of my friend’s brand new baby girl. It was so nice to play with a little angel for a bit!

Ironically, as we were all mesmerized by the wonder of a new life, I looked over and saw a praying mantis capture a fly on one of our protein smoothie glasses. I start staring at it and remarked, “The circle of life is upon us.” We all gathered close to see the murder scene unfold and right there on the patio onto of one of our glasses. When did all this action take place we laughed?

As we all stared, one friend explained her relief, “Good. That fly was annoying me anyway.”

And there you have it-the joy of new life and the reality of death. To make the murder scene more “festive,” I enhanced the photos in Hipstamtic. They were also taken with a phonoegraphy app, Camera +. And then they were watermarked with my name by another app, iWatermark. Three camera phone apps later and…the circle of life is almost pretty.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Challenger’s Choice (Macro Insect Photography with Hipstamatic Editing).




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