Macro with a lizard

One of the benefits of creating a garden has been noticing all the wonder in my own backyard.

One day, as I was walking around, I noticed this cute little lizard on my hibiscus plant. So naturally, I had to photograph it. Fortunately, this little creature allowed me to pester it with a photo shoot. Actually, it was quite the cooperative model!

These few shots are from my iPhone app, Camera+. (Stay turned to my photo blog. I should be posting more pictures of this lizard, and his friend next week or the week after, depending on life.)  I enjoy the macro option on this app as I don’t have a macro lens for my actual cameras. The only hard part about using the app is holding the camera still enough for a great macro shot. So shooting during great light makes that factor a little easier. However, anyone with a cell phone knows the struggle of a cell phone camera screen in bright light.

camera + 2

Regardless, it’s a nice cheap option if you want to play around with macro photography before deciding on a lens. (So thanks to Sally for her post that recommended it!)

Make sure you click on over to Sally’s page too.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro.

18 thoughts on “Macro with a lizard

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    • I know. I was in love! I did a lot more pictures with this one and another one with my big camera too. Oh, and my favorite picture..I forgot to post that. Dang it. It was in another file. Another post then, soon.

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