Quick to Judge, Slow to Learn

Atop your ego

You look down upon us all

To fuel your dim light


Dedicated to those arrogant people in the world who seems to think they are perfect and all knowing. These are the people who pass judgment quickly without knowing all the facts or even consider another view point. Whether it’s the topic of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla shooting, the new Miss USA who is a Reserve Soldier, or any other countless trending topics, I will never understand some people’s need to pass such harsh judgement on situations they were not involved in. These opinions really don’t have a place in many forums…or maybe I just don’t enjoy mindless debates.


12 thoughts on “Quick to Judge, Slow to Learn

    • I read through people’s comments on various things as I like to gauge public perception. (I do public affairs for the military.) It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly some will judge, slander, bash, assume and just plain old hate on others. I just don’t comprehend it. And it goes both ways. I seen bashing on different sides of every fence possible. So sad, especially when it is something to just cheer about, like a Soldier winning Miss USA. Why bash her? Why bash people who posted videos of their kids spinning on a ride? I just don’t get it.


    • Thank you. I agree. And in so many situations, there is always another side. Both sides may have valid points, yet one doesn’t really know what they would do unless they were in that situation.

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