Love it or Leave it

I am not a serious shopper generally. My theory is, if I love it, get it. However, if I am unsure, even slightly, I walk away. A couple of days ago, I came across the most beautiful  hibiscus plant I have ever seen. Its tree-like base was braided and its blooms were multicolored as opposed to the standard white, red, pink or yellow blooms. I stood there staring it and even snapped this one picture from below its perch on a display where it was apparently set aside by someone.

It was clear, I loved the flower. But, I hesitated because I already had two hibiscus plants and a number of other flowers at home. Did I really need another? No, need was not the right word…but I really wanted it. Then, I thought…the care is already kind of full… So, I followed my theory of hesitation and walked away.


Shot with regular iPhone camera.

Now, I regret it. I have been thinking about this plant for three days now. Clearly, my theory failed me this time. Or rather, my theory was fine I should say. I did love the plant. Therefore, I should have just bought it. Can you really have two many flowers in your backyard? Maybe, but I don’t think I am at that level yet. The reasons for not buying it had nothing to do with the flower itself. They were just factors that had nothing to do with the item itself.

Now,keep in mind that I don’t get this “love it-must buy it” feeling every day. No, thank God I don’t or I would be a candidate for the show Hoarders-Buried Alive. I do like flowers though. And, I am just setting up my yard in the house I bought last year.

It kinds of sounds like I might be talking myself into a return trip to the store. Fingers crossed, I can find it or another one. However, I am prepared to not find it. It is very pretty after all. Surely, after a few days, someone has bought it.

If so, I will be stuck with nonbuyer’s remorse and these pictures below, which I edited for this week’s Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Editing & Processing.  Let me know which edit you prefer.This was my first attempt at using Snapseed and it was kind of fun.

Take a look at her site and challenge, and join the fun.

Edited in Hipstamatic.


Edited in Snapseed.


Edited in Snapseed.



For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Editing & Processing



9 thoughts on “Love it or Leave it

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  2. Nato, ah, the human condition strikes again. I often will put things into a cart, and then slowly empty it. Keeping only the necessary items. BUT your experience needs some more thought. Usually space dictates the: “can I really have too many flowers” query. If you felt an emotional response, then it probably was for you. Hindsight is still a defining word. My favorite is the second, which gives the softer side of the hibiscus its center stage. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    • I may need to adopt that method when it comes to flowers! Yes, the other photos that were edited from that first photo are certainly different: more intense, dramatic and bold.

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