The hope of an ant

When I was kid, I used to watch Laverne and Shirley. I was fascinated by these young women, living on their own and taking on the world. I would watch their adventures with envy. Regardless of the situations they found themselves in, they always found a way to turn it around. There was always a bright side or a lesson, and they never gave up.

I’d have to say, now that I look back on it, they influenced my demeanor some. I’ve always tried to be a positive person. I try to step back from immediate reactions, and pause and weigh the situation and the costs of certain actions before deciding on what to do. Of course, I don’t always make the right choices. In fact, perhaps my wrong choices outweigh my correct ones even. It’s hard to say. Regardless, I take life in stride, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And like Laverne and Shirley always sang, I have high hopes and never give up.

This is actually the song I was singing while I watched these ants at the barn the other day. As I waited for my horse to graze nearby, I crouched down to grab some macro shots of some flowers and buds with my iPhone. That is when I saw these little ants hard at work on the buds. I watched them go back and forth, wondering if they ever rested, if they ever looked at a task and said…yeah, I don’t think so.

Perhaps that’s the thing, you don’t really ever see singular ants. They seem to work together as a family, unit or team. Perhaps that is the problem with some parts of society today. We have built up this strong individuality movement that embraces uniqueness. It makes us confident to be different and embrace our passions and goals. However, there comes a point in life where we all still need a team, a support system. It is human nature to connect with other people. So, I wonder if all this ‘me, me, me’ indulgence doesn’t hurt our progress as a community, nation, and race. Felicity Kendal may have summed it up best by explaining that the team is sometimes more important than the player.

“We take ourselves so seriously moment by moment, but India shows you a sense of eternity. You’re one little ant on a hill. You’re part of life, but you’re not the whole thing.”


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature.


3 thoughts on “The hope of an ant

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  2. Nato, nicely captured image that is woven into your personal philosophy. Sometimes it astounds when we realize what has influenced our lives; sometimes a tiny fraction can (like a solitary ant) have enormous effects upon us. Happy Photo Challenge.

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