Out With the Old, In With the New

I stood looking out over the river, “It’s been a good, long life with no regrets.”

I hated to leave my little piece of heaven. The stairs were too much though. My 115-year-old body and mind were tired. It might be nice to have daily help and company, and my granddaughter adored this place. I was content to leave it in her capable hands just as my grandmother had done for me. Generations of our kind had lived here. We thrived from this river, the source of our powers.

But my granddaughter was ready to lead, and I retire.


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49 thoughts on “Out With the Old, In With the New

  1. There must definitely be powers associated to that river… can I be her great-great granddaughter? Lovely story and yes, unanswered questions is always the way to go…

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  2. I have to admit I was waiting for a twist. 115 years old? But even without a twist, I was not disappointed. A nice, somehow soothing, emotional piece of writing.

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    • I wasn’t completely sure which way I preferred. But, I was going with a mix: a human who was nurtured to live longer because of her closeness to the river and respect for it. Like a wise old healer in ancient times that lives from the earth. Indeed, there are lots of questions here that could take me into a longer version of this story!


    • ooooohhhh. Good question. I was thinking at first, that the river provided her some boost in extra life and longevity. I was reading a book by Phillipa Gregory a while back that spoke of woman that descended from the myth/legend Melusina, a water goddess. When they would get near the water they could hear things and sense more. However, it is not immortality. Well, at least not in my story. She will have to pass as is the natural order of things. But in the river…may be the best way. I am loving all this feedback for such a little story.


  3. I love the extension to the next generation! How she looks out and is content with leaving it to her granddaughter. It makes me wonder about her daughter, or did she have a son and it only go to the next female generation? So many inquiries, but also so much depth! Great job!

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    • I know! Maybe I should elaborate the story later. It may be a secret or only effects this family. Otherwise, evil doers would have drained it all to make money off of it, and eventually ruined it. Isn’t that were we get the phrase…’this is why we can’t have nice things’ comes from I guess.


  4. Very old and everyone’s time comes but she has the satisfaction that family tradition is being maintained. that’s the way it was always supposed to be for her.

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