Sweet Little Lies

His voice dripped with the sexiness of rodeo cowboy. His words would have fit into a romance novel. His past displayed actions of an American hero in uniform. This could have been a great modern-day romance…except for one factor-he was a liar.

It all started out honest though, but doesn’t it always?

Trace messaged Julie through Facebook about her post on their mutual friend, Rick. They shared some stories. Julie had dated Rick in high school. Trace had spent a year in Iraq with him when they were both Airborne Soldiers. Julie was a Soldier too so that lead to conversations about war and the effects of it when you return home. The occasional emails turned into occasional calls and it all blossomed from there.

“When I first got home, it used to drive me nuts to hear people complain about the stupidest things,” said Julie. “It’s like they don’t realize how lucky they are! It took all I had to not scream, ‘How do you function in life if THIS is a tragedy!?’”

“I know what you mean. I went through the same thing,” said Trace with a laugh that was draped in silk. “They just have no clue.”

The now-daily chats connected them on a new level. It was no longer about their friend Rick. It was no longer about war. It was basic simple life in this day and age-a man and woman courting from afar. It crossed Julie’s mind that she may be falling for someone she met online. But this was different. He was a friend of a friend. He wasn’t a complete stranger. And he was different; he was a fellow Soldier. To be safe though, Julie did her homework. She checked out his social media sites for history. They shared a few pictures. She asked the right questions.

He was separated from his wife, and living in another house. While on the phone with him, she heard him speak to his daughter. They spoke at different times each day. He always answered her calls. This all made sense and supported his story. Julie herself had been separated for a while before her divorce so it all seemed normal. So they continued to flirt and talk about a potential visit.

“If you came here, I would show you a real rodeo and take you out to the Saloon. They have the best bands. We could dance all night,” promised Trace.

He could have told her he wanted to sit on the couch and eat popcorn for all she cared. With his voice, he could make anything sound sexy.

“Well, if you came here, we could go hiking in this local canyon. It is so peaceful. Then we could go downtown to eat at Roman’s. They have the BEST food and on the weekends they have music. Sometimes it’s jazz. Other nights, rock. It just depends on the week. I think you would love it,” said Julie.

Like two teenagers, they spoke for hours. They just clicked in so many ways. So as the weeks turned into months, the excitement about meeting was palpable. They both couldn’t wait.

Then, Julie got a call that stopped her in her tracks.

Trace’s wife informed Julie she was a fool. There was no separation, no other house, and in simple terms, there was no pending divorce.

“I am so so sorry,” exclaimed a mortified Julie. “I never would have spoken to him had I thought his story was a lie. Oh my. I feel sick. Oh God. I am sorry.” Click was the wife’s response.

Almost immediately, Trace called trying to make it better, but he couldn’t change the facts.

“I wanted to tell you. I never intending this to happen. We just started talking and you turned out to be so wonderful. I couldn’t stop talking to you. I just fell for you…”whispered the liar in that seductive voice.

“It doesn’t matter Trace. You lied. How could you lie to me? I thought we were friends first!”

Julie hung up the phone when Trace started talking again. “Go tell your wife Trace.”

‘I guess all those stories about meeting people online applies to friends of friends too,’ thought Julie as she threw herself on her bed in tears. ‘Thank God I never met him in person!’




13 thoughts on “Sweet Little Lies

  1. Thank Goodness, right! Honestly, I get really sceptical when I meet folks online. In fact, I get pretty scared when they seem to tick all the boxes. I be like waiting for Karma to sell them out. It’s scary– there are just as many good people, as there are nauseating ones. I mean, it’s understandable; virtual love is real. But taking advantage of people to satisfy one’s own selfish desires– that’s just wrong.

    It’s best to always be alert! Although one can never be too careful, some scepticism would go a long way.

    Nice story Nato! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I’d like to think the awesome people out number the bad. I hope that is true. Yeah, I don’t get the need for so many lies in the world. I have heard countless versions of this basic story line. I could probably write a number of other scenarios with the basic fact: someone lied. That is just too exhausting for me to do; its just too much to remember.

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    • I’ve had a bunch of lies told to me over the years by a handful of people. Some like this. Some worse. I have a friend who was engaged to a man and looking at houses and she got a call from his wife….Yeah. That was a punch in the gut to say the least. Poor girl. I couldn’t believe that story when she told me. But, she is married (to someone else who is wonderful) and is blissfully happy. But it sure made her question her next date more. Sad that men (and women) do this to each other.

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  2. Great story, I think sadly there is a lot of this. I read today on facebook about someone creating an alias to spy on their boyfriend and see if he would cheat – a very slippery slope. You captured the ease people fall into these things so well. KL ❤

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    • Oh, it is very easy indeed. I know several versions of this story in real life. I just don’t understand how someone can forget their married though…it seems like it would be something important to bring up. Don’t you think? Oh, yes, I know someone who did that same thing. Very dangerous. Kind of reminds me of that older song that starts with…I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…two people talking and they are already boyfriend and girlfriend.

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