Wonders of Food

I love to cook, bake and tinker in the kitchen. It gives me peace and comfort. To me, it is a way to show love, which is common according to Alan D. Wolfelt.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” -Alan D. Wolfelt

I never really thought of it that way but it makes sense. I enjoy cooking for friends and family. When my kids were young, I really looked forward to making them breakfast before school. Sometimes it was something simple like yogurt and fruit or cereal. Other times, it was more elaborate like pancakes or scrambled eggs. On the weekends, I may even go all out and try crepes or homemade hash browns. Regardless of the actual menu, it was “our time” to bond. As the kids grew into teens, they were not always pleasant at that hour. I was more of a morning person than them. However, words were not always required.

Sometimes, I just placed food in front of them and snuck in a kiss on the cheek. As time passed, I thought maybe the kids were over it, didn’t really enjoy breakfast with mom. But then…one day I didn’t do it and they noticed. They were like, “Hey mom, where’s breakfast?” Then I realized, they enjoyed it as much as I did, and they were hungry teens.

My kids are older and not around as much now, but I find I still cook. I invite people over for dinner. I take treats to work. I prep lunches for me and my boyfriend. I just like to cook and share it with people.

I guess it’s just how I share my joy, love and friendship.

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez

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Above are two iPhone pictures I took of some kitchen treats, and then two more I edited in Hipstamtic.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Editing and Processing. 


9 thoughts on “Wonders of Food

    • Great to hear they liked it. I know after my mother passed away, my sisters and I were going through her recipe box of notes and clippings and trying to figure out what dishes we liked and if those were the ways she made things. So, I thought I should record the items I KNOW my kids like now and “require” for holiday meals. I hope to help them carry on with some family traditions of their own one day.

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  2. Nato, nice connections between the human urge to build community through dining. Cooking is an art unto itself, and is a special time for creativity, imagination and satiation. Food photography is one of the uber challenges for Smartphones. I especially enjoyed the fruit image. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    • I like to dabble in new creations and in doing so have found some “favorites” for my kids. Eventually, I will create them a cook book of those recipes with pictures so they can carry on with whatever recipes they want to into their families.


    • Thanks! I seem to like photographing food as much as I like cooking it. Thank God the photo taking of it does not count for calories as well! Yes, you should try some. I have maco app on my phone that I play with for food, flower and bug shots.


  3. I’ve enjoyed cooking over the years as well. For me, a lot of it was about seeing if I could make things and then enjoying it once I figured it out — homemade pasta, tortillas, breads, all sorts of different types of foods. And I’ve enjoyed cooking for friends and family as well. My boys are both now away at college, so a little bit of the reason to cook has disappeared, but now it’s a challenge to find different things to eat — maybe things they wouldn’t have eaten, or just things that change the culinary dynamic.

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    • I so agree! I like trying new recipes and foods. I have to admit that I shy away from making pastas and breads and fish. I think I am intimidated with those, but will have to break out and try. Yeah, with my kids gone, I have less bodies in the house to test my creations. But, the people at work seem to enjoy my efforts! And, I have started making things and then freezing portions of it into lunch size containers. That has come in handy for rushed mornings when I cannot pack. And, it is so much healthier than eating fast food…and tastier!


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